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Fake Doctors Notes Used to Cut Class

excusemepleaseAug 18, 2017, 5:33:23 PM

Ever wanted to skip class but have already missed so many days that you’re in danger of having your GPA impacted? You’re not alone. Every year students lay out of class for parties, adventures, video games, or maybe even to study for another class. Double majors often find themselves with too few hours in the day and have to prioritize their attendances. Luckily for all students, there are now websites that sell actual doctor’s note templates that can be purchased, downloaded, customized, and are then printable. There are several times in which these excuses aren’t only justifiable, but also necessary. Let’s take a look at a few.

Double Majoring/Double Studying

Double majors and students with full workloads often find themselves in situations where they have too little time to learn as much as they need to. There isn’t any real template to handle this type of approach, other than to deprive oneself of sleep deprivation, or use stimulants. The alarming rate at which college students have been reported as using stimulants to study does justice in illustrating this point. After all, what biochem major isn’t going to ditch a mandatory English class to make sure they’re well-prepared for their biology exam? The trouble is that missing classes can start to pile up, and if one isn’t sick then a medical excuse can’t be given out by the student health center. One can always fake sick, but eventually the campus doctors will wise up to your game—they have access to your academic records after all! In these cases, buying fake doctor’s notes online can help provide you with an easy out. These types of templates can be downloaded and easily altered to mimic the notes provided by local doctors. One bit of advice—don’t try to create your own university doctor’s note because the professors will be able to reference it in the system. 

Being Too Sick to Visit the School Medical Center

Sometimes you get sick—really sick—and just don’t feel like going anywhere. You might not be able to go the medical center the same day that you’re missing classes, and therefore won’t have a doctor’s excuse for those days. Some professors will understand, but some larger classes often have much stricter policies since they’re managing the interests of so many students. Often times, students find that if they don’t have a doctor’s note for the exact days they missed—they can ‘t get an excuse to miss school.  In these scenarios students are faced with hoping that the student medical center will recognize they weren’t able to make it the day before, and provide them with a back-dated school excuse note. These are hard to get, and many times not a possibility at all. In these situations, using a doctor’s note template from an online seller or creating your own can help get you out of a jam. 

Recognizing the Risk

Using doctor’s notes to fake your way out of class is a great way to help manage a busy semester, or a serious sickness. Sometimes however, the temptation to use these excuses for less important reasons can be great. For example, maybe you want to go to a party the night before a 8am class—without having to wake up for your 8am class. The more you rely on these types of fake excuses, the more likely you will be to get caught. The best advice is to have a few fake doctor notes on hand, pre-made and readily to simply have the dates filled out for when you need them. After all, the last thing you want to do when you feel too sick to actually go to the doctor is worry about tweaking a doctor’s note in Photoshop.