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A gastric band or a lap band is a small device (a silicone ring) which is placed around the stomach through a laparoscopic way. The band divides your stomach into two parts. The small upper stomach pouch limits the stomach’s capacity and increases the feeling of fullness so it helps you lose weight. After the band is implanted it has to be adjusted. Adjustment is a very quick and simple procedure which takes around 10-15 minute. Then doctor adds or removes fluid from the band via the small access port which is located just under the skin. The bands are designed for lifelong implantation although they can be removed if needed.


Gastric Band is a Safe Procedure Which has High Success Rate



To be a candidate for the gastric band surgery, one must have BMI of 40 or greater, if your BMI is lower but you have problems with health that are related to obesity, you can also consider having gastric bypass surgery. Gastric band is a 100% reversible procedure which has a lower complication risk than other weight loss surgeries. The band is a silicone device that is placed around the upper stomach as soon as it is placed it is closed or locked in order to create two chambers in the stomach. The upper stomach will have a small narrow opening to the lower stomach which means that the device does not change your digestive system and you won’t have any nutritional deficiencies. The result of the surgery is that your stomach no longer can hold as much food as it did before and this makes you eat less and lose weight.


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Save up to 75% of Your Costs on Gastric Band Surgery at Global Hospital in India



Global hospital not only offers affordable bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) solutions, but they also strive to provide the best quality of service and results possible. When patient cannot afford to undergo bariatric surgery in their home country, cannot get medical coverage, they should not have to sacrifice quality. That is why Global hospital located in India, Mumbai, where prices are remarkably low, but the quality of service can remain high. They have helped hundreds of people from the United States, Canada, and other countries achieve weight loss success. Global hospital focuses on patients and their safety. 


Gastric Band in Belgium


A global hospital is known for providing highly specialized services in gastric band surgery for obesity in India. Each patient receives individual care after a thorough study of the reasons which caused obesity. The treatment is optimized and made highly effective which results in most patients returning to work within 3-4 days of the surgery. Patient hygiene is a high priority in Global hospitals and the occurrence of secondary infections is next to none. The general health care and medical practices are of world class standards. The quality, experience and skill of the surgeons at Global hospital are matchless. To become a surgeon, they have to go through intensive medical education of over 12 years.  Most doctors of Global hospital have their network of doctors in UK and other countries. Global hospitals feature specialist teams of bariatric dieticians and nurses who work with the weight loss surgeon. The surgeons themselves are experts in their fields and some of the gastric band surgeons have achieved breakthroughs in weight loss procedures and have published their findings in major medical publications. Global hospital obesity surgeons are among the best in the world.

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