Hoodia Review - Does Hoodia Work For Weightloss?

yachtwork12 Jul 24 2017

Weight problems is 1 of the leading causes of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular morbidity and fatality in the developed world. Whilst some cases are mostly due to genes, majority of the weight problems cases are due to lifestyle factors. Over-eating and a sedentary life has led to an explosion of this pandemic globally. The panacea for obesity has been the holy grail for a lot of pharmaceutical companies the world over. The weight loss industry is set to be a 150 billion dollars dollar industry in the coming years.


Whilst there is no denying the fact that exercise and a good diet remains the cornerstone for arresting the spread of weight problems there is also a definite role for weight loss medications as an addition measure for the many who just cannot get rid of excess body fat. There are several weight loss medications that contain been analyzed and tried. Some have fallen by the wayside and some are still struggling to establish a foothold. One of the main hurdles in developing a medication for beforeandafterweightloss2017 effective and safe weightloss appears to be the areas of the brain that are involved in the trend of obesity. The Hypothalamus is the center for hunger, appetite and satiety. A drug that effectively works at the hypothalamic level is bound to also have additional side outcomes. In a peripheral level a drug can inhibit the absorption of dietary body fat in the intestines much like the prescription drug Xenical does. Whatever the weightloss medication there appears to be side effects with all of them. One must remember that weightloss can not be achieved overnight and is impossible with just some designer drugs. Weightloss needs a coordinated approach directed towards calorie intake, exercise and possibly medications.


This post is generally focused towards one product that has created a mix in the obesity section. Hoodia is the latest catch-phrase in the weightloss industry today and many people are already addicted onto its amazing ability to suppress appetite. Long lasting studies are necessary before one can conclusively brand it as the 'miracle pill' for weightloss.


What exactly is Hoodia? Hoodia is a succulent plant growing in the arid Kalahari Wilderness in South Africa. Regarding centuries the San Men have been chewing on this plant to control appetite and thirst while on hunting expeditions and in times during the food scarcity. Hoodia has the ability to fool your brain into believing that you are full and helps you to stay full faster!


How exactly does Hoodia work? The Hypothalamus in the human brain has nerve cells that are stimulated by glucose molecules. These types of cells are stimulated whenever we eat and then they turn off the center for hunger ultimately causing a feeling of fullness. Hoodia is 100000 times more powerful than Glucose and the result is it fools these nerve tissue into believing that you are full even though you have not consumed and nor do you want to eat! South african hoodia works by suppressing appetite naturally.


How safe is Hoodia? The majority of the available weightloss drugs have either fallen off the charts or have been restricted in their use because of potentially harmful side outcomes. Hoodia is 100% natural, 100% ephedrine-free, 100% Caffeine-free and contains no synthetic providers. Hoodia is not a stimulant and it is not known to be associated with any unwanted effects. Typically the bushmen of Kalahari do mention that Hoodia has got some aphrodisiac properties.


How effective is Hoodia? While it is simply too earlier to say about the effectiveness of Hoodia one can safely say that any weightloss medication that is deemed to be free from harmful part effects would be an excellent one. Effectiveness comes next. Hoodia may work straight away or may take some weeks to demonstrate its effects. However one must remember that an efficient weightloss routine must include diet control, exercise and medications because Obesity is multifactorial and a multi-dimensional approach is the best.


A word of caution: There are several fake Hoodias doing it rounds and one must not be fooled into buying these fakes. Regarding the several species of Hoodia, only Hoodia Gordonii subspecies seems to have the appetite suppressant effects. Hoodia is merely grown in South Africa and it takes almost 4-5 years for the rose to mature. These plants then have to be processed into a more consumer-friendly planning like pills or liquefied. The active ingredient of Hoodia that seems to suppress appetite is a molecule determined by Phytopharm Laboratories is p57. Pfizer was in the beginning included in Phytopharm to isolate this molecule but gave up 50 percent way as a result of impossibilities came across. Currently available commercial preparations are basically an draw out of the plant in the processed form and is not the remote p57 moiety.