Tips for Choosing an Executive Coach

abcblogging May 03 2017

An executive coach can really benefit you in your career and help your organization to benefit al lot from your leadership skills. An experienced coach enables you to find out areas that you are best at or areas that you may require help and by working hand in hand with a coach, you will learn how to exploit important areas of your role. Such issues like communication skills and leadership skills are highlighted in the process. You also get to identify areas that you are that you are not well-matched with and that need to be handled by someone who is best fit. The following tips will help you to choose your executive coach.

1.    Location

You may need to choose a coach who is close to your location. Especially if you wish to meet the coach in a one-on-one basis. But you may choose a coach who is far from your location if you are comfortable with making phone calls.

2.    Skills

Here you must choose a coach who has experience and knowledge in case you need to get skills in a precise area of your job. You may need someone who has boundless leadership coaching services.

3.    Credentials

As an executive, you need to choose a coach who has passed from a recognized institution. One who is qualified.

4.    Industry experience

You need to choose a coach who has worked in your industry. If you want to get a fresh perception that you may not have, you can work with someone who is not in your industry.

5.    Results

Choose a coach who has worked with clients and get good results. Consider the way the coach has helped the previous clients to improve in their executive roles. If this kind of results they achieved is what you want, you can work with that coach.

6.    Your rapport

This is a vital factor to consider. You need to choose a coach who you get well with easily. However, it is not necessary that the coach should be one you get along with since the work of a coach should be aimed at challenging you and give you maximum support.