Get to Know Benicio Del Toro

charlosjohn12 Jul 19 2017

Given birth to on February 19, 1967 in Puerto Rico, Benicio Monserrate Rafael del Astado S? nchez or more popularly known as Benicio del Toro is an actor and producer. He or she won numerous acting prizes from different fenster award offering bodies such as School Award, Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award, Academy of Film and Television Disciplines (BAFTA) Award, and Golden Globe.


Benicio is famous for portraying the personality of Javier Rodr? guez in "Traffic"; Fred Fenster in the film "The Usual Suspects"; Jack Rafferty in the movie "Sin City"; Franky Four Fingers in "Snatch"; and Lawrence Talbot in the movie "The Wolfman". Benecio won the Best Supporting Prize from Oscar in the movie "Traffic" making him the third Puerto Rican professional who won said exclusive award.


Benecio was elevated in the town of Santurce, in San Juan District in Puerto Rico. His parents were both legal professionals - Gustavo Adolfo del Toro Berm? 10 and Fausta S? nchez Rivera. His older buddy is named Gustavo and works as a pediatric oncologist in New You are able to City's Mount Sinai Medical Center. He is related to famous basketball player Carlos Arroyo who plays for the Miami Warmth for they are cousins.


Benecio was raised by his parents as a Roman Catholic. He went to a Roman Catholic school the Academia del Perpetuo Caridad found in the town of Miramar in Puerto Rico. When Benecio turned nine this individual lost his mother due to hepatitis. At age group of 12, his family moved to Pennsylvania in which he attended the Mercersburg Academy. In college, he went to University of California in San Diego where he found his passion in acting.