Playing Basketball

davebennet May 25 2017

 I have been playing basketball for as long as I can remember, It had always been a sheer passion of mine.Well, I guess that isn't very special because every kid in America has the same story I guess.Every single kid in the States spends a majority of their time playing basketball.However today it is all about me.Because I want to talk about my memories and times as a young kid playing basketball.If you are familiar with basketball you will be very familiar with basketball shoes. Check out GoldenHobbyist.


You see basketball is a very high-intensity game and every single second count.Every hand you play, every reflex you make plays a huge difference.So it is very likely that basketball shoes play a huge part in the way you play.It affects to a great extent.Growing up I don't remember having the best basketball shoes ever.And so you would expect that I didn't play very well.Well if you think like that then you are completely wrong.Because I used to play excellent.I remember being one of the greatest players in my school.However, there was no denying that I had immense room for development and could improve a lot if I had the best basketball shoes to play in.Nonetheless, my dad didn't like that I had been playing basketball.So he always refused to give me some money to buy shoes.My mom had passed away a few years ago by the way. Learn more at GoldenHobbyist.


My mother's death had a very tragic effect on me, to be honest.I was absolutely devastated.Life really changed for me after her death.Never in my life, I have thought that I would have to work at McDonal's.Nonetheless, now I did and it took a huge part of my time.I couldn't even practice my basketball properly.But what I was able to do was buy some decent shoes to take to the court and whoop some ass of those black ass niggas.However, there was no use in buying shoes if I couldn't even wear them and use them as I didn't cope up with time.So I decided to plan something.I decided to work there for a couple of months and then when I have enough money I will be able to save enough money for a decent basketball shoe I will leave the job.I just needed a few hundred dollars.So I was working according to my plan, However, little did I know that how hard it would be to leave a job at Midway.You see they didn't force me to stay or anything but the store manager gave me a long lecture session on why I was being very unprofessional and it would extremely affect my career.I didn't give a piece of shit.