The Legend of Canada Goose

Artois52 May 25 2017

Canada Goose jackets, gilets and beanies are world renowned for their warmth and comfort and their down-filled parkas and fur hood bomber jackets have featured in many films and have pretty much become standard outwear for film crews on movie stars on location anywhere it is cold.


The Canada Goose brand has been well-known in Canada for years and it is one of the very few clothing brands that really can claim to be authentic and genuine.  If you have ever visited Canada, then you will know that if Canadians say that a brand of jackets, gilets and beanies are warm, they know what they are talking about.


It was in 2012 that Canada Goose became more widely known, when supermodel Kate Upton did a photo shoot on board a yacht in Antarctica wearing no more than bikini bottoms and a Canada Goose fur lined jacket.


Before that, Canada goose clothing was seen as purely functional and it was worn primarily by people working in extremely cold conditions, but when the picture of Kate Upton, wearing a Canada Goose jacket, appeared on the cover of the 2013 swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated, Canada Goose went from purely functional, to must-have fashion item, overnight.


Today, Canada Goose jackets, gilets and beanies represent the perfect combination of function and style.


Canada Goose beanies are stylish and ultra- warm, made with the finest wool, and they are a perfect example of the Canada Goose brand can take an everyday functional item of winter clothing and turn it into something really special.


Canada Goose Men’s jackets vary from the Langford parka jacket, with its fur trimmed hood, multiple pockets and fully lined interior, to their Lodge jacket, with its padded design and duck down insulation.


There is also an extensive range of Canada Goose women’s jackets and coats, including women’s parka coats that have a sleek A-line design, fur lined hood and a suede lining, and there some very smart looking women’s gilets in the range too.


What is surprising is that much of the rise in the popularity of Canada Goose products can be put down to happy coincidence. The many celebrities that have been seen wearing Canada Goose coats are not wearing them because they have been paid to wear them, they wear them because they have worn them at work and they liked them.


Film costume departments have also taken to using Canada goose products on film sets. Canada Goose clothing made appearances World War Z and Man of Steel, for example.


Another boost of the popularity of the brand came when people were frequently seen surviving in extreme climates in National Geographic and other outdoor explorer shows, all wrapped up nice and warm in Canada Goose coats.


The final part of the accidental marketing success of Canada Goose has, up until very recently been the scarcity of the product. For a long time, if a store ran out of a particular size or style of coat, it could take quite some time for a replacement order to be filled. While Canada Goose still a relatively exclusive brand, the clothing is now more widely available in online stores, such as Choice.


From a company that was started in a small warehouse by a garment cutter in 1957, to an international clothing brand that has provided cold weather garments for explorers, the Ontario Provincial Police and Canadian rangers, Canada Goose is a clothing brand that has expanded based almost entirely on the quality and practicality of its products, with a little bit of help from a supermodel wearing little else but bikini bottoms and a Canada Goose parka in Antarctica.