Private Versus Group Lessons: Which Is Best for Your Music Education?

sublimemusic Jul 07 2017

Music is an important part of many of our lives. Whether an active listener or a player, we enjoy our music in the format that makes us most comfortable. Music lessons are no exception. There are two types of music lessons. The kind of music experience that you take will depend on your own musical goals, skill, or even what you are comfortable with today. These two types include private lessons and group lessons.


Group lessons provide students with valuable social development. They will play along with their classmates and play together, learning from each other as well as the instructor. Students are also able to get to play different parts of a song and how to make it sound singular. Sight reading is another important skill that comes from a group lesson setting.


When it comes to teaching younger students, group lessons provide a more motivational environment. Instead of feeling alone in their little pitfalls, they are inspired by their friends and band mates to keep going and continue with the lesson. When they can play in front of their classmates, students become more confident when it comes to playing in front of an audience.


There are also disadvantages to group music lessons. When music is taught in a group setting, there cannot be personalized teaching and individual attention given to each student that may need it. Those students who are learning at a slower pace or are very shy may be passed up and not get the attention that they need. As well, group lessons are tough to schedule as several programs must meet.


When you choose private lessons, you opt to have more one-on-one attention from your instructor. For those nervous about their skill level and beginners, this is a much better option. You get more personalized planning and skill improvement. For those students who are very shy or need to learn at a much slower or faster pace are not neglected and get the attention that they need.


If you are unsure about whether to choose a group piano lessons versus private lessons, then you must make sure to understand your own needs or those of your child. Make sure that you can thrive in the teaching environment that you choose. Remain sensitive to the fact that the right teacher and the right place will set you up for success. Always choose the learning format that will help you thrive with your music.