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France to 'ban all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040'

basil_hallwardMay 10, 2018, 4:42:50 PM

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Google prototype driverless car - a pimped up mobility scooter(image source)

France plans to impose a total ban on all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, its new environment minister, Nicolas Hulot, has announced. We told you after the French elections the new president, the grandmotherfucker Macron, was a clueless idiot who would continue the same politically correct globalist agenda that led to the failure of his predecessor Francois Holland's government and the near complete collapse of the socialist party.

The unrealistic plan was one of a series M. Hulot revealed at a press conference this morning as part of French president Emmanuel Macron's plans to make France a carbon neutral country by 2050. All around the developed world, sustainable energy experiments are failing, with only the long established hydro - electric technology and nuclear fission as realistically reliable energy sources for clean electricity there is nothing to support such ludicrous claims.

There is however, plenty of evidence to show Macron's government is descending into farce even more quickly than that of socialist Francois Holland. With the 'scientific' case supporting Carbon Dioxide driven global warming in ruins (see article below), this latest idiocy merely compounds the impression that France is being run by a bunch of student protestors. Can it be coincidence that President Macron's environment minister is the namesake of comedian Jaques Tati's greatest creation, the shambolic Monsieur Hulot, a sort of proto - Mr. Bean (video clip: Mr Hulot's holiday.)

Hulot, (the apprentice politician not the clown), a former star wildlife TV presenter, announced "the end of the sale of petrol or vehicles between now and 2040." French car owners will be offered financial inducements to scrap their conventional vehicles - including second-hand ones - for clean, green, pimped - up mobility scooters, he said, without providing more details. Mr Hulot cited the example of a "European maker" who had already decided to go electric.

This was a reference to Volvo, which on Wednesday announced plans to build only electric and hybrid vehicles starting in 2019 according to mainstream media, making it the first major car manufacturer to abandon cars and SUVs powered solely by the internal combustion engine. CEO Hakan Samuelsson told reporters the move was prompted by customer demand although other makers are not reporting any rush to buy overpriced, underperforming and possibly lethal electric cars. He pledged that in two years, all new Volvo vehicles will have some form of electric propulsion.

This is obviously a lie, we know Swedes are politically correct to the point of stupidity and beyond, but sales of electric vehicles are only increasing marginally year on year in spite of government subsidies to buyers. When Denmark ended tax subsidies on electric vehicles, raising prices for 2017 sales by 40%, sales plummeted to less than half of what they were.  Examination of the Volvo statement however reveals the pledge is somewhat dubious as the planned fleet includes a car that will have a small electric motor as a fuel saving device for use in heavy traffic.

"The solutions are there, our own makers have in their boxes the means to fulfill this promise," said Mr Hulot, calling it a "public health" issue. Well maybe the solutions are out there, but not in Denmark obviously.

France is by no means the only country aiming to ban combustion-powered cars in some form. Germany wants to do away with 100 per cent combustion-powered vehicles by 2030, as does India. The Netherlands and Norway wish to do so by 2025. Presumably they are planning a return to horse drawn vehicles for people in middle and low incomes.

It was not immediately clear if Mr Hulot meant a ban on even partially petrol or diesel-powered vehicles. The minister also said that France will stop producing power from coal-power stations - now five per cent of the total - by 2022. The country also wants to reduce the proportion of its power from nuclear to 50 percent by 2025, from the current 75 per cent.


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