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[PDF] Lunora And The Monster King

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Lunora and the Monster King

by H.S. Crow

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The Monster King's searching for a human, and word on the wind is Mother Leaf knows where it is!

Wake to a New Horizon.

The vast world of Caligo dwells beyond the gaze of humans. Inhabiting extraordinary fiends and deadly creatures, its black sun and moonless nights are hidden for one lone purpose-to keep us out.

Fourteen-year-old Lunora wakes up scared and alone in this dark world, but she's not alone'and she's not welcome. Her treacherous journey to find her father will take her body and soul to the depths of despair as she must turn enemies into allies to survive. A Hyperion monster boy, Iko, must decide if he can trust a human over the will of his tribe and the rule of the ruthless Monster King.

Experience this coming-of-age story that explores what it means to be human and examines the limitless possibilities still hidden away in the cracks and corners of reality.


"Once again your writing is brilliant. How do you know so much esoteric Greek mythology? Hyperion, Gaia, Orion, Caligo, Eldritch, etc. And where did you develop such a magnificent vocabulary using words such as: umbrageous, aureate, amity, airt, malefic, insidious, obsidian, etc.? As I've said before, you are our modern Shakespeare." -- Professor Rutenberg, Yale University Alumni

"Destined to outlast our time and inspire." Dreamscape Industries News

"A powerful tale that can be read in any medium. A must read." -- The Otherworlds Book Review


"The word on the wind tells of new human soul being revealed to the Monster King. It is said that Mother Leaf knows her whereabouts"

A shadowed figure whispered. As if driven by hunger, ominous eyes glinted in the everlasting darkness. The shapeless forms circled near a floating glass door as scarlet eyes brimming with hate approached. They belonged to a masked boy with long white hair and a scarlet glare. "Devour this human, gain the power to rule over the fog" a voice echoed as the door opened, unveiling the bewitched Kingdom of Nevermore.

Beyond the hazy entrance a young girl lay beneath a single ray of light. Flowers sang around her as dark shadows roamed between the avenues of stars. The name Lunora filled the atmosphere as monsters drew closer.

"She is mine!" A wooden creature with dark beady eyes howled threateningly as the land eclipsed beneath an Eldritch black sun. "I am Mother Leaf, and on my word, no harm shall come to this child!"

"She is human! Not one of us! Are you a traitor?" a monster shouted amongst other exclamations of shock before the door closed and locked.

The voice of the king then silenced every breath.

"Find her."

From the Author:

Imagine a world enveloped in fog where the sun is black and nothing is as it seems. Here, everything is possible and that includes your dreams and nightmares.

Monsters call this place the Kingdom of Nevermore, and it lies outside our universe--drifting within the Eversea.

Many monsters say we came from there, but a horrible cataclysm separated it from Caligo--the first earth.

However, things have grown grim. Time has returned, and with it the spread of corruption and death.

Sprites, gods, and creatures of myth hide in fear as the Monster King seeks self retribution.

Ignorance, discrimination and hate defend his reign as he subjugates all who dare oppose him.

At least until Lunora arrived...

The young girl that wished to escape her war-torn country has suddenly awoken in Nevermore, and her memory is fading. The last thing she remembers is her father, his tears, and the smell of sulfur. Her goal is to be with him again, but eyes have set on her.

She is the first human in a long time to enter this strange realm, and the monsters have become aware of her.

They hunger for her flesh with the belief that her blood can grant them power.

Will she survive?










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