Where to get the visa on arrival Vietnam

Alex T May 11 2017

In fact visa on arrival is the alternative solution to the travelers to take the Vietnam visa and you are not having time to visit Vietnam embassy then you can get help from greenvisa. In case you are looking to acquire the approval letter then you must apply it in greenvisa. Actually approval letter document is also known as the official document from Vietnam immigration department. If you utilize the vietnam visa on arrival then it is completely useful to save your time because it has fast processing time. In case you are willing to gain the vietnam stamp then you must submit the approval letter. Actually it is the certificate which is issued by the Vietnam ministry of Public Security.

Things to know about apply for Vietnam visa approval letter

In case you are willing to visit Vietnam then most of the people are having question about do i need a visa for vietnam. Surely you must require the visa to visit this country and you must provide some information when you plan to apply for Vietnam visa approval letter such as

·         Passport number

·         Expectation of visit

·         Nationality

·         Proposed arrival date

·         Full name

·         Date of birth

In case you select the visa on arrival vietnam then surely you can acquire wide range of benefits. The processing time might not take more time and there are different kinds of the payment methods are there such as Western Union, bank transfer, PayPal, Gate2shop and OnePay so that people can pick the best one according to your requirements. Actually people can receive the visa approval letter via computer with electronic device or internet access. If you have persistent internet connection then you may easily gain your approval letter. For getting a visa for vietnam, you must visit greenvisa because they are providing wide range of service to their clients. If you select the greenvisa then they will secure your personal information because they are following the best secured systems such as 128 or 256 bit SSL encryption. Actually greenvisa is offered two types of fees to their clients so that people can select the one based on their preference. People can easily pay service charge at greenvisa and they will manage all kinds of process along with the vietnam immigration department. But the stamping fee, you must visit immigration office and you can pay directly.

To know about the vietnam visa policy


If you plan to travel vietnam then you must understand the vietnam visa policy so that you can acquire the excellent travelling experience. Actually Philippine passport holders no need to acquire the vietnam visa because you can stay in this city for more than 21 days. In case your passport is expired then you could not apply for the vietnam visa or other kinds of the visa so you must check your passport expiration date before you start to apply for vietnam visa. Actually greenvisa is the excellent platform for getting vietnam visa in online.