IVF Treatment For Fertility Improvement

myfertilitymanual Jun 28 2017

IVF or In vitro fertilization is one of the most popular and effective fertility treatments where the eggs and sperm are combined in the lab to form the embryo. This embryo is medically assessed for quality and then being placed in the uterus through the cervix. The IVF process is probably the most high-tech fertility treatment procedure available. It accounts for over 99% of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) procedures.   

Who are all eligible to undergo this treatment process? 

IVF procedure is perfect for anyone who has a problem becoming pregnant naturally. It is especially perfect a fertility option for those who have blocked fallopian tubes, problems with ovulation or having inferior egg quality, or suffering from endometriosis. It can also be effective if your partner is suffering from sperm count or even motility. And IVF is also perfect for same sex partners or single parents (a single mother to become pregnant).  Fertility books also suggest that IVF can be the best option in case of unsuccessful past cases of pregnancy and unexplained infertility scenarios.   

The pricing part 

Private clinics charge big rates to those who are opting for IVF treatment. There are, however, certain states that offer special funding schemes to those couples who are not financially stable but still want to undergo this fertility treatment process. You need to consult the different government financial institutes and medical plans that offer such facilities and provisions. However, not all the medical facilities that offer IVF would offer you free treatments. The cost for the treatment in private clinics according to IVF books is rather high and may well be afforded only by the financially stable ones. 

You must consult reputed clinic before taking any decision. It is extremely important to be safe from your side. Unless the treatment part is properly handled, severe repercussions may happen on the female patient. You must be careful, therefore, before approaching for the process.