Traditional Ceiling Fans

PowerHouseFan Jun 21 2017

Traditional ceiling fans are a great way to decorate your home and add to the overall level of style. This is especially true if you live in a period residence and are trying to get the look just right.

How do I choose the best traditional ceiling fans?

There are so many different styles in the range of traditional ceiling fans you will be spoiled for choice. They come in a range of materials including wood or bronze. They also have different blade span ratings, power usage efficiency and some have built in lights.

Casablanca ceiling fans or Hampton Bay ceiling fans?

Some people like the Casablanca ceiling fans perhaps because it inspires memories of their favorite film. Fans add to the décor of the room but they also help to create a more comfortable atmosphere as they move the air around. Hot air rises in a room so having a ceiling fan will make your air conditioning system more efficient if you have one, and may remove the need for it if you don’t. As with an interior decorating your personal style plus budget will play a part in your decision.

When buying your ceiling fan you will need to make a couple of decisions.

Location: You need to pick the correct traditional ceiling fan for the location. You obviously would buy an outdoors ceiling fan if you are planning to use it on your porch. But if you are planning on hanging a fan in your kitchen or bathroom you need to ensure it is suitable for this purpose. There is a lot of water in these rooms and that can lead to mold and warping if the fans are not suitable for these areas. Check with the manufacturer. Some Hampton Bay ceiling fans look fantastic in your kitchen where they not only help the air movement but also are quite effective at dispersing cooking smells.

How many?: Most people will fit the fan to the central point in the ceiling but if you have a very large room you may need two fans. Only using one fan in a spacious room can render it very ineffective and you will not benefit from air movement.

Ceiling space: You need to measure your ceiling before you buy Hampton Bay ceiling fans or any other make. You want to create a feature piece but you do not want it to overtake the room not to mention fail to work as it doesn’t have sufficient space to operate. Some of the Quorum ceiling fans can hang quite low which is great if you have high ceilings but rather awkward if you don’t. You measure the fan from the tip of one blade to the tip of the one opposite.

Power supply: Traditional ceiling fans will need a power source so you must check that the electrical circuit in your home can handle the extra load. You may have to speak to an electrician to have the electrics upgraded particularly if you live in an older property. Most people also want a central light fitting in the room so you may want to consider buying authentic ceiling fans with lights. This will remove the need for two separate power supplies.

Energy costs: Check the power usage efficiency before you buy. Check their blade span rating for more information. Some fans are more energy efficient than others so not only do you reduce your impact on global warming but you can also save dollars on your fuel bills.

Technology: Although you want to install traditional ceiling fans this doesn’t mean you cannot benefit from the latest technology. You can now buy remote controlled units that allow you to adjust the height, speed and direction of the fan as well as the level of light.