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MaliyamilliJun 17, 2017, 9:22:27 AM


The magnification

The magnification of this binocular is exceptional. With great distance magnifying power, this makes it one of the best view device ever know. The magnification extends from a distance to another longer distance. Height of magnification for binocular for safari is great. It can be used to view the top of mountains and higher height, which ordinarily normal lenses cannot magnify or view. The magnifying power is 8 by 24.

Exit Pupil size

This is the virtual aperture in the optical system. The binocular for safari lenses have a great exit pupil size and also greater eye relief after viewing. These are bright circle of each eye piece when it being held about 30cm away. Binocular for safari, gives good relief to the eyes and whenever the viewing stops the aperture of the eye pupil size is greater after viewing. The image of the aperture stop that follows it after viewing. It has 5.25mm exit pupil size.

 Field of view

As with the magnification of the best binocular for safari, the field of view of this product is at least 330 ft at 1000 yards. The view field of this object extends to thousands of yards at most. As with other viewing devices, the binocular for safari has the longer size of field of view. In most cases, with clear view of the sky, it presents the view of object which are found in the galaxy.

Eye relief

The distance from the last surface of an eye piece at which the user’s eye can get the full viewing angle. The eye relief for this product is 18 or more, more than other viewing lenses. From the last optical view to the the other time which the binocular is used again, gives full viewing angle as the first time of viewing. If the eye is outside of the viewing angle distance, the vision is reduced. With binocular safari eye relief is something to write home about as compared with other viewing objects.

Prism and Coating

This product has the best coating and prism features, this makes it have more viewing angle and clear vision than any other lenses. Binocular for safari is worth the money being used in buying it. The presence of multi-coated surface, makes the viewing to be distinct, it presents the image as they are and as the same color of the object. BAK-4 prism makes this product unique.


The portability of binocular safari makes it to be moved or carried from one place to another. This feature makes it to be taken from one place to another. As compared to other device for viewing, this device has lower weight. http://opticshunt.com/ one of the best optics review blog.