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Saudi Arabia Bids For Islamic Globalisation

basil_hallwardJun 14, 2017, 4:36:48 PM

A couple of weeks ago, soon after the suicide bomb at The Manchester Arena which killed 22 people and injured over a hundred, I felt oblighed to defriend someone on facebook, whom I have known online for around ten years. It saddened me to do such a thing because I am a tolerant person, having always been willing to allow people their own views and opinions no matter how strongly I disagree. So what did this sweet, seventy something lady, who writes books on medieval witchcraft and calls herself a pagan, do to piss me off?

She showed herself to be a hypocrite and a phoney by posting a whinge about people reacting with anger and hate to this latest atrocity, calling them bigots and claiming, "I'm all about compassion, I will not stand by and see Muslims victimised because of this." When people started to remind her that all the recent atrocities in britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and elsewhere have been committed by Muslims and people have a right to be angry and demand action from the authorities she became very self righteous.

I told her the attitude of trying to equate the anger of British people with the terrorist acts of certain groups of Muslims who randomly attack and kill innocent people was not acceptable and she accused me of being racist. Now I am sure most British people understand that only a few Muslims living in Britain are extremists. And while I was angry I understood anger aimed at ' Muslims' in general was futile, my anger was directed at the authorities, so brainwashed with the idiocies of politically correct thinking they have repeatedly failed to act, against terrorists, hate preachers, organised sex abusers, illegal immigrant racketeers and electoral fraud for fear of inciting racial conflict. Yes it is time to get good and angry and remingd our leader white people, native Europeans and European Americans have rights too.

But then, when it comes to directing anger I have an advantage over most people, having access to news feeds where I see the stories mainstream media will not go near. Take the latest middle east trouble spot, Qatar, where the government of Saudi Arabia, accusing the Qataris of supporting terrorism, has organised a blockade of all road, sea and air routes in and out of the tiny nation on the coast of the Persian Gulf. What is really going on is reported elsewhere in our publications, but the story really gets interesting when we widen the angle and the bigger picture emerges. Only then do we begin to see what is really going on in the Islamic world.

A few months ago, the governor of Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city, looked sset for re-election despite the fact that he is a Christian while Indonesia is, in terms of population, the world's biggest Muslim nation. Everything was going swimmingly until someone reported an off-the-cuff and less than deferential remark the governor made about the Koran. In tolerant, easy going Indonesia multitudes of angry Muslims took to the streets to denounce the blaspheming infidel. He lost the election, was arrested, charged with blasphemy, and sentenced to two years in prison.

This episode is especially alarming because Indonesian Islam, like most belief systems on that vast nation made up of thousands of islands, is generally gentle, and open-minded. The rapid fall of Jakarta’s governor is the opposite of what people in the geopolitical region would expect: Times of India was stunned, Asia Times of Hong Kong shocked and concerned. The intolerance, sectarian hatred, and contempt for democracy we have seen in Iraq, Syria and throughout the middle east is totally out of character. And yet Islamic fundamentalism is rampant in Indonesia. And guess which medievalist Whahabbi Muslim regime, which still inflicts the death penalty on homosexuals, publicly beheads adulterers, stones or flogs disobedient wives and daughters and holds that a married woman is her husband's chattel is behind this reactionary trend.

Saudi Arabia has been working for decades to undermine Indonesia's secular version Islam and promote the unrelenting puritanism of the Wahhabi sect that is state religion in Saudi Arabia and though less stringently observed inother Gulf States including Qatar. The Saudis have been patient, multi-faceted, and have lavishly financed extremist Mosques in Indonesia, the better to radicalise young Muslims from influential families. It mirrors the campaigns they have waged other countries with Muslim majorities or significant minorities across Asia and Africa.

Successive American presidents have dutifully sucked up to the Saudi Arabian monarchy, knowing the USA's dependency on saudi oil they assured voters that the Saudis were America's friends and were vital to American interests in the middle east. That Osama bin Laden and most of his 9/11 hijackers were Saudis had to be swept under the carpet, as did the diplomatic cable in which Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote in 2009, “Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide.”

Recent events in Indonesia shine a light on a Saudi project that is even more pernicious than financing terrorists. Saudi Arabia has used its wealth, most of which comes from the United States and European Union, to turn entire nations into hotbeds of radical Islam. By refusing to protest or even officially acknowledge this far-reaching project, we in the democracies of the developed world finance our own enemies and the global terror campaign now being waged.

The center of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to attract Indonesians to Wahhabi Islam is a free university in Jakarta known by the acronym LIPIA. All instruction is in Arabic, given mainly by preachers from Saudi Arabia and nearby countries. Genders are kept segregated; strict dress codes are enforced; and music, television, and 'loud laughter' are forbidden as are all other things considered 'unislamic'. Imams inculcate an ultra-conservative form of Islam that prescribes hand amputation for thieves, stoning for adulterers, and death for gays and blasphemers.

Many students are drawn from the more than 100 boarding schools Saudi Arabia supports in Indonesia, or have attended one of the 150 mosques that Saudis have built there. The most promising are given scholarships to study in Saudi Arabia, from which they return fully prepared to wreak social, political, and religious havoc in their homeland. Some promote terror groups like Hamas Indonesia and the Islamic Defenders Front, which did not exist before the Saudis arrived. Sources: Radial Islam In Indonesia (.pdf) - academia.edu In Indonesia Radical Islam Threatens Democracy - World Politics review Political Islam In Post Authoritarian Indonesia - UK Government publishing

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