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How to enable Two Step Verification for Yahoo Account Recovery

emailcustomerserviceJun 14, 2017, 5:50:41 AM

We all love emails. Unfortunately, email was designed a decade ago without any thought of making it very private and too secure. Although you use it for sending formal and informal communications, it is still not 100% secure. You don’t need to worry though as we have the solution for you.

Yahoo gives a feature called Two-Step Verification. It basically adds an extra layer of security to your Yahoo account. For successful sign-in into your Yahoo account, despite entering your secret password you will also need to enter a security code which is sent to your mobile device. As a result, even if someone knows your secret password he/she can’t get into your account. Let’s see how you can enable the Two-Step Verification in your Yahoo account.

Turn on Two-Step Verification:

  • 1.     Log on to www.YahooMail.com
  • 2.     Sign-in by entering the username and password.
  • 3.     Click on “Account Info
  • 4.     Press “Account Security
  • 5.     Enable the “Two-Step Verification
  • 6.     Provide your valid mobile number.
  • 7.     Click “Send SMS” to receive the text alert or “Call me” to receive a phone call.
  • 8.     Insert the security code sent to your mobile phone and Tap on “Verify

Two-Step verification doesn’t work with third-party apps like iOS Mail, Android Mail, Outlook Mail etc. and needs a specific password to connect with Yahoo. The moment you enable the Two-Step Verification, you will have to “Create a third party app password” as well. Find the steps below to create it.

  • 1.     Log on to your Yahoo Mail.
  • 2.     Sign-in
  • 3.     Go to the “Account Info
  • 4.     Choose “Account Security
  • 5.     Now, click on “Generate app password” or “Manage app password
  • 6.     Select the desired app and click on “Generate
  • 7.     Follow the on-screen instruction and click “Done

Note: It is mandatory to turn on either the “Two-Step Verification” or “Enable Yahoo Key” before “Generate App Password

This is how “Two Step Verification” adds an extra layer of security to your Yahoo account. Whenever you or someone else will try to sign-in from an unknown location or unknown device into your Yahoo account, he/she will need that security code (Usually sent on the mobile phone) to get into it. Thus, enabling “Two Step Verification” is an important feature to secure your Yahoo account.

For any kind of assistance or troubleshooting, contact our certified Yahoo customer service representative phone number. You will get an instant response and prompt resolution.