Is Ozone Right For Your Home?

contributor May 08 2017

The deodorizing action of OZONE is one of the beneficial properties easier to verify, since in all type of enclosed public places where it is used, the odors disappear completely.

Destroy germs and odor molecules without chemicals or filters. It is a safe and clean way; Removing mildew, mold, fungi, bacteria and other contaminants from your most beloved environment, your home or office.

OZONE completely destroys unpleasant organic odors by accelerating the oxidation of these odors, to "wake up" areas of vitiated and rarefied air, to help slow the multiplication of germs.


1.- Mold and mildew odor

         Wood and plaster walls

Black mold in the cracks or joints between walls, generates toxic spores that float in the air, unpleasant odor and damage to our health, with OZONO is eliminated the mold and also injecting OZONO in the walls is predicted future growth of mold.

         Carpets and rugs

Mold spores on the Carpet are the result of water or any liquid that has been deposited on the Carpet.

         Concrete walls

In the cracks of the concrete walls there is a visible growth of the mold, produced by the damages that occasion the humidity and the water. The solution OZONIZAR the room. Ozone is the best answer to deodorize and kill contaminated spores.

         Humid and musty furniture

OZONE can remove any odor of moisture, mold on furniture and penetrate the fabric.

An ozone generator eliminates persistent odors that other cleaning processes can not achieve.

2.- Organic odors


It is the smell of your pets normal or accepted for you and the way you live, but does it bother others ?. Whether it is smelling one or several of your pets or a pet from previous owners, OZONE is the way to go. OZONE can destroy smells and create a comfortable environment that is suitable for everyone.

         Body odor

OZONO is the definitive and effective treatment to eliminate any malodor problem of the body, generated by our sweat and the smells that we "get" in the office, on the bus, in the school, ...; Which permeates our clothing and our skin .

         Smells in the GUARDIANS

When parents leave their children they need to know that the environment is hygienic.

Bad odors in addition to the risk of infection can make a bad impression.

OZONE helps in these situations:

         Odors caused by spilled milk

         Coughing and sneezing can spread active germs into the air

         Smells caused by dirty diapers or diaper containers

         Smelly trash cans

         Sometimes children get sick at daycare unexpectedly.


However clean and hygienic conditions may be, ammoniacal emanations from the decomposition of urea are always present. All this together with the evolution of gases from fecal depositions, causes an unpleasant odor that we do not eliminate by overlapping it with a perfume.

The air freshener adds a new gas that, even if it has a pleasant smell, it stops being it when mixing with those that already exist in the bathroom.

The perfect solution is OZONE, its action is fast, soon you will notice that you breathe clean air, free of odors and pathogens, giving a pleasant sensation of freshness as in the high mountains.


An irritating odor of food can come from burning, decomposing, or simply continuous use. There are people who have allergies or are extremely sensitive to these odors.

The list could be endless such as: the oil-fried fryer, the roast, fried foods, egg scents, cheeses, meat, fish, used frying pan, garbage, etc.

3.- Tobacco smoke and fire

         Tobacco smoke

OZONE effectively eliminates the irritation caused by the phenol gases by oxidation. Phenols are the invisible part of tobacco smoke that causes discomfort to the eyes and creates offensive odors.

Reduces the health risks associated with inhalation of second generation smoke.


To everybody, unwittingly or willingly, we have burned a piece of plastic, rubber, chimney, hair, etc .; Result the soot residue of a chemical reaction during the fire.

The smell has penetrated the paint, wallpaper, wood, fabric, walls or all porous parts of the home.

An OZONE generator deodorizes and ends the destruction of carbon molecules or any other, which causes the odor to burn, in the air.

4.- Vapors, chemical gases

         Chemical fumes and gases

It neutralizes formaldehyde vapors (a carcinogen commonly used in the manufacture of furniture, interior dividers, glues, etc.). Eliminates odors from cleaning compounds, paint, etc.

         Garages and Gasoline

Many homes have a garage attached to the house along with a distinctive smell of exhaust fumes or gasoline spills.

It produces an odor that is very penetrating but can be successfully destroyed by using an OZONE generator to deodorize.

         Closet and Storage

The clothes we keep and the memories, can generate the long-term smell of "old" that can cause problems in our home.


Fetid feet and stinky shoes can cause discomfort, embarrassment and can be a major social obstacle that can get you away from others. To eliminate this use purifiers, Ozone purifiers are quite popular Ozone generators to eliminate the bad odor of your shoes and thus to be able to save you the constant expense of replacing your shoes ... and your friends.

5.- Industrial, Residual and Fecal Waters

In water, bad odors and flavors are due to compounds derived from biological growth, industrial activities, chemical treatments, or the same plumbing, but the most common cause is decomposed vegetation. Chlorine can react with these organisms causing bad olo¬res.

The odors that occur are: a "rotten eggs", a grassy, musty or spicy smell. In large quantities, you can see a smell of rotten, fecal water, fish or medicine