The Distinction In Between A Milkshake And Also A Frappe

kellywilson Feb 23 2017

Do you recognize the distinction between a milkshake as well as a frappe? Just how around a cupboard? Read on to learn the New England frappe drink meaning.

When is a milkshake not a milkshake or smoothie? In New England, of course, when it's a frappe (or a closet). Overwhelmed? Let's break down the delicious distinction in between a milkshake or smoothie, frappe, and closet.

According to the American Heritage College Dictionary, a milkshake is a "a beverage that is made from milk, ice cream, and also frequently flavoring and is combined or whipped until foamy."Unless you stay in New England, where a milkshake would never include gelato, adding gelato makes it a "frappe" beverage.

Throughout my senior high school and college summer times, I benefited a preferred gelato stand, Kimball Ranch, in my home town of Westford, Massachusetts, and like a lot of jobs dealing with food and/or "going to" customers, I invested a respectable quantity of time explaining things on the food selection. Some inquiries associating with New England ice cream flavors were regular (Just what's in Frozen Dessert gelato? You don't wish to know) yet others were distinctively local-- the examples a local might recognize (What are jimmies?), yet had actually others really feeling puzzled.

The number one "from away" inquiry "What's a frappe?"

In some cases it obtained really "That gets on first" sort of perplexing. Bellow’s a regular re-creation:

Consumer: "I would certainly such as a chocolate milkshake, please."

Me: "Do you imply a milkshake or smoothie or a frappe?"

Consumer: "I imply a milkshake-- with gelato."

Me: "If you desire ice cream, you want a mr coffee frappe maker. A milkshake just has milk and also syrup."

Customer: "Uhm ...I’d such as whatever has the ice cream."

Today I've made a traditional delicious chocolate frappe with 3 scoops of chocolate ice cream, a generous splash of milk, and thick drizzle of delicious chocolate syrup. I place all of my frappe components right into a high glass refrigerator jug with an opening that perfectly fits my immersion mixer (or "stick" mixer), and after that pulsed away until I had a thick as well as rich concoction-- specifically, a chocolate frappe.

I don't know why we call the tasty mix of ice cream, milk, syrup, and also often malt powder a frappe (obvious "frap") right here in New England, however when you really think of it, a milkshake or smoothie shouldn't be anything other than drunk (NOT stirred) milk as well as syrup. And a frappe, which sounds funny and looks elegant with those dual p's, should (naturally) be the fancier of both, indicating the one with the gelato. It makes perfect feeling.