Chris Oyakhilome's Maiden Visit to Zimbabwe

robertji Apr 15 2017

Christ Embassy is presided over and ministered to by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. At this spiritual base, he leads a spirit-led ministry as pastor, teacher, and healing minister. For more than 30 years, Chris Oyakhilome has profoundly spiritually influenced believers all over the work via television hosting and his many published works. Christ Embassy itself is wholly founded on Scripture in both mission and philosophy. They believe that God in three persons instituted and continues to preserve the inspired, infallible Word of God.


They also believe that in His great grace God came into the world to die. He did this by God the Holy Spirit conceives Jesus, God the Son, in the virgin Mary who gave birth to Him. They believe that after he died he bodily resurrected and not long afterward bodily ascended to heaven but will be returning for those who confess belief in Him. It is now the privilege of man to accept the payment of the penalty of our sinful nature and to be redeemed to everlasting life with Him.


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome recently paid an extremely successful visit to the country of Zimbabwe. This was his first time ministering in the country. During this much-anticipated event, he held a Worship and Miracle Communion Service at the National sports stadium. Earlier in the week the congregation of local pastor Ruth Musarurwa spoke to her congregation about the coming service in Zimbabwe. In the past, the massive congregation left the stadium in a mess when they left.


She expressed a strong with and prayer that this could be avoided and urged her sizeable congregation to do their part in leaving the stadium as they found it. Her congregation also prayed for the success of the event and that it would be well attended. God more than blessed their prayers. More than 100,000 people registered and many more unregistered spectators arrived on the last night of the pastor's visit. After just a few minutes of opening the gates, the 60,000 capacity stadium was packed to bursting.


During the final service of the visitation Pastor Chris revealed special revelation to the people of Zimbabwe about their special part in God's plan. He revealed that there will be a time for God to use Zimbabwe in a great way and that that time is now. This was on the tails of an already successful worship lineup that began in April. During that month, on April 22, Pastor Tom Amenkienan and Evangelist Dr. Eddy Owase spoke to the gathered attendees in Zimbabwe. Amenkienan is a very close associate of Oyakhilome and Amenkienan is the founder and president of Christ Embassy of Nigeria. Both of these men have themselves had a profound impact on the Christian world and continue to do so.



Then on May 7 Chris Oyakhilome presented his sermon. While ministering in Zimbabwe Pastor Chris gave one female Zimbabwe resident N3million. The entire visit was broadcast on local television networks. As a parting word, Oyakhilome expressed his full confidence that a steady stream of spiritually great things will come out of Zimbabwe in the years to come. This was the second Worship and Miracle Commission service. The first one was recently held in the United Kingdom. Pastors all over the world are confident that Oyakhilome will continue to take great strides in the work of Christ.