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How To Apply For UK Driving License

yatinrdrMay 13, 2017, 8:59:20 AM

In any major country, a driver’s license is regarded as the most important document for its residents to hold. A driver’s license not only makes driving your car on the road legal but also provides an alternative for government issued identity card.

In the United States of America, a driver’s license is issued by each state. Every state has its own rules and regulation for issuing a license. However, a valid license issued by any state in the US is applicable throughout the country as well as in Canada. 


Procedure to Apply for UK Driving Licence


It is almost universal that a driver’s license is issued only after clearing the written test followed by a road test and the US is no exception to it. Each state has a separate department with names varying across the states of US. This department is responsible for conducting and issuing the driver’s license 


a.     Written test: It is a basic test that tests applicants on road rules in the USA and also states specific rules in which you choose to apply. An Instruction Permit is issued after successfully clearing the written test.

b.     Road test: Once you get your instruction permit, you are given at least 14 days of time for compulsory practice after which you appear for the practical test. For applicants holding an International driving license, practice time may be waived off depending on the state laws.



The minimum driving age varies from 14- 18 years, depending on the state laws. However, in most of the states, it is 16 years. Citizens, as well as residents with F1 or H1B and L1 visa holders, can apply for a driver’s license.


Things to follow:


1.     Get all your paperwork ready as applicable depending on your current legal status in the US.

2.     Written test requires additional preparation. A booklet regarding the same can be obtained from the concerned department of the state.

3.     You have to be physically present at the time of fee payment and verification of your documents.

4.     At the time of verification, you are required to undergo a vision test and it is subsequently marked on your license depending on the power of your eyesight. 

5.     Later you are asked to take a written test and issued Instruction Permit upon successfully clearing the test.

6.     From there on, you will have to wait for your turn for the road test and on passing it, you will be issued your own driver’s license.

7.     Defaulters need not worry. They can appear again to clear the tests. 

From here on, make sure you drive safe and follow the rules diligently.