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Top 5 Barriers You Might Face While Creating Wearable Apps

aadilMay 11, 2017, 6:41:09 AM

According to the estimation from Cisco, the number of wearable device users will cross the mark of 200 million by the end of 2018. High-speed internet connectivity and increasing rate of mobile users are the two primary catalysts behind the increasing number of wearable users.

The wearable app development has altogether transformed the user personalization to next-level. It has become the part of your routine things of paraphernalia. Every commercial and personal possibility is administered by IoT(Internet of Things) technology in order to impart a truly reliable connection.

Being every factor on the positive side, development of a wearable app is a difficult task to accomplish. There are stringent challenges that every wearable app developers are facing nowadays, and whose impact is directly affected by the quality of the app.

Things to Consider Before Commencing Wearable App Development Process

  • Develop an authentic wearable app which is meant to run on wearable devices only and not for mobile devices.
  • Eliminate issues pertaining to fragmentation
  • Usage of complex animation objects should be at its minimal and should be readily accessible to end-users.
  • Users should be perfectly guided by the app
  • Design architecture should be for the small screen, to make it look absolutely trendy.

Stiff Challenges To Face While Creating Wearable Apps

Ascertain for Cross-platform Capability

The market is continuously puffed up by new wearable devices with varied hardware configuration and technical capabilities. So it is imperative, to undergo the development in a manner that the app is fully compatible with all those devices. Cross-platform apps attract large audience base compared to the native ones. ie. both android and iOS wearable development.

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Battery friendly

Battery consumption rate is one of the biggest havoc for wearable app development. While developing the app, strictly consider all the parameters leading to the performance of the app and eliminate the one that can cause problems related to battery drainage. Mobile users instantly dumped the app which consumes excess battery power which in turn shrinks the life of the phone. The wearable app should be simple and devoid of any complexity, that is meant to increase the life of the battery.

Remain Updated

It is imperative to remain updated with the ever-changing technology, in order to stay ahead of the competition. Wearable apps should be easily updated to imbibe the latest features and functionalities trending in the market. The app should be fully compatible despite varied hardware specification.

Rapid App Development

Wearable app developers struggle hard to develop the app that can adhere to the dynamic technological trends erupting in the market. As a result, they need to speed up their development process to launch the app within a stipulated time period to avoid user criticism to ensure the success of app in the market.

Data Security

Security should be the fundamental factor to be considered while undergoing the app development process. A secure encryption methodology should be reinforced for the data inflow and outflow from the app. Development of a wearable app is a challenging task but can provide hefty returns in the long run. Developers should be able to cater the ever-changing requirements of the users with an intuitive interface.

What Should be The Top of Your Mind While Developing a Top-notch Wearable App?

     An app that can seamlessly support smaller screen size.

     Eliminate any aspect leading to fragmentation

     Minimize the usage of high-definition graphics and animations

     Easy navigational feature

     The app should be contemporary in terms of features.

     Ensure that the app is valuable to the end user.


Development of wearable apps yields multiple lucrative benefits along with the fierce technical challenges. The developers should remain abreast with the current trends being adopted in the market. Users love to stick with the apps that are periodically being updated with the latest features and functionality. Let's keep an eye on the challenges that would be responsible for ushering changes in wearable app development.

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