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How to Simplify Your Divorce

rudyardkMay 4, 2017, 5:50:11 AM

Divorce can be stressing especially when kids are involved. Most people think that the only way to settle their divorce is in court; however, there are ways you can resolve your divorce amicably without causing a fracas. The fact is; divorce is not an easy process, but that does not mean that it has to be stressing for the parties involved i.e. the couple, their family, and the children.

The reason why most divorces are so complicated is the "blame game." Partners do not like taking responsibility for the mistakes they did, and they try to put the blame on the other partner. Also, the process of sharing property and determining spousal custody of children often spirals out of control and makes the divorce a hectic, costly and lengthy process that turns out to be stressful for the parties involved. Nonetheless, if you are planning a divorce, you do not need to panic since there are several options you can consider, here are some of them:

Consult a lawyer

Before you make rash decisions that might end up ruining your divorce proceedings, talk to a professional lawyer who is experienced in handling divorce matters. Most of the divorces become complicated since people make irrational decisions when they are angry. In case you have children, think about their wellbeing, since your actions might affect them emotionally. Attorneys, who deal with divorce matters frequently, are the best shot you have at settling your divorce amicably since they guide you on the specific actions you are supposed to take. Besides that, they also gather information to support you during the case.

Apply for a collaborative divorce

A collaborative divorce is one where the couple is at an amicable agreement after mediation or when couples file directly without undergoing the negotiation process. The main benefit that comes with this divorce is; the couple achieves good long-term and short-term outcomes, especially where custody of children is involved. One thing that couples need to know is that; the responsibilities they have, as parents will still go on even though they might be separating. Therefore, the divorce process should be made as smooth as possible by considering all factors and reaching an amicable decision.

Open individual bank accounts

In most divorces, finances are what each partner wants to keep or have a share of for when they split apart.  A divorce becomes complicated when couples are unable to agree on how the fund will be shared. For those couples that have joint bank accounts, it is common that the money in the bank account belongs to the both of you. Dividing such funds becomes difficult especially if one partner made higher contributions compared to the other partner. Therefore, to avoid this hassle, open individual bank accounts where each person will have their savings.

Involve a mediator

Divorce Mediation is one of the best ways of settling your divorce in a peaceful way, by incorporating a third party who remains neutral throughout the negotiation process.  The mediator carefully considers all factors before giving the most appropriate course of action.  Many advantages come with mediation, the main ones include:

  • It's cheaper than court proceedings.
  • It improves communication between spouses.
  • Decisions can be resolved amicably.
  • The mediation process is more confidential compared to settlements arrived at through court proceedings.
  • Mediation help in resolving most of the issues, and a couple might find no cause of going to court.

Fixed rate divorce packages

Several attorneys offer divorce services. However, not all the divorce packages are suitable for your divorce since some are expensive and might end up draining you of the money you are trying to save. The best decision you can make is to hire a professional attorney who offers fixed rate divorce packages. Such attorneys let you know the cost that you will incur for the legal services they provide. Flat rate legal services are more affordable compared to the Pay-as-you-go rates, which end up draining your money, and you might end up losing the proceedings. Besides providing fixed price packages, your lawyer can help you as a couple in solving your differences outside court in case they are minor issues. They also inform you about the expected outcomes of each approach you decide to take.

Apply for a No-Fault Divorce

The truth is; most divorces become complicated when couples talk ill about each other in court. Filing for a No-fault divorce makes the divorce process simpler since there is no trial involved. The partner filing for the divorce simply says that they are filing for a divorce since the marriage is in an irreparable condition. Irreconcilable differences cause such a separation, and the couple might opt to live separately for some time and get back together when they settle their differences.