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Major Quality: Push Bars for Law Enforcement

finestequipmentApr 12, 2017, 9:19:59 PM

Law enforcement vehicles are more than just transportation for law enforcement officers or prisoners. It can be something as simple as activating overhead lights to warn motorists or initiate a traffic stop. It may also be as severe as the ability to apply force to another vehicle with the patrol car to end a highly charged incident.

While some fleets choose not to use the push bar and full frontal fender, it has important purposes in the law enforcement field. A critical aspect to remember is that a push bar lives up to its name. It is designed to drive another vehicle or object out of the way. If used only when truly necessary, push bars are advantageous because it will reduce damage done to law enforcement or emergency vehicles.

Make sure that, if employed, your fleet has the proper training in how to use push bumpers efficiently. Officers should be able to use the push bar for what it is meant to for, and not cause damage to other vehicles. The push bar is to protect the law enforcement vehicle, and that is what it should do.

Many manufacturers today have been able to step up with both selection and quality. The latest innovations in push bars have helped to make this piece of necessary law enforcement even more beneficial. The push bar at Major Policy Supply is high-quality and built to last.

The standard push bumpers sold at Major Police Supply come in both aluminum and steel models, as well as in 12 and 16 inches. They design it for quick and easy installation. At almost 40 percent lighter weight, Setina’s police bumpers are high strength and aircraft grade aluminum. Your fleet can be confident that these push bumpers will satisfy the concerns from automakers regarding front end weight limitations. Major Police Supply will only sell you a push bumper that is built to perform for law enforcement vehicles.

Major Police Supply has been the nation’s leading supplier and distributor of equipment for law enforcement and emergency vehicles for almost 30 years. Ours is a name that you can believe to get your fleet running high again.

To back our incredible products, our talented and experienced technicians understand our top priority as well as yours: quality control. Almost one-quarter of our installations come with poorly installed equipment from other shops. We know the value of clean, reliable facilities – done right the first time.