All About New Yahoo Home Page and its Amazing Benefits to the Web Users

Janifer Lewis Apr 07 2017

To be frank, restoring the old version of Yahoo homepage is not possible as no such method is available on the web that helps a user get back to the old version of the home page. Nowadays, Yahoo is becoming one of the most popular search engine portals over the globe. It helps you to stay connected with the outside world. Yahoo has improved its features in its newly-launched Homepage.

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Here, we are providing you the information, which will help you to learn more about new Yahoo Homepage. This information will also help you to know all the new features, which have been embedded in its new version.  Yahoo has made drastic improvements in its appearance, functionality, and usability.

·         The Yahoo homepage displays the relevant as well as popular content in its searches. It is far better than its old version. You can easily get all the information about anything. You can easily search information, images, videos, and much more about any topic, anywhere, anytime. It only shows the top result of your information or content, which you have searched on the Yahoo.

·         You can check out the Newsfeed to see the top trending stories. You can also follow the popular topics to get notification of exclusive news and can also refine the stories.

·         If there are any popular hot stories, you’ll view it on the top of your Newsfeed. To check breaking news, you can click on the Developing Now button to see any breaking event or news, you can also follow them by clicking on the follow button.

·         You have the option to comment, like or share the most of the trending stories. With the help of these buttons, you can also like the stories, view comments and can also share it on your social media site.

·         In the new version of the Yahoo homepage, if you click on any stories, it will open in a new tab, so you don’t have to leave the page.

·         You can also check weather updates for your area over the next few hours or days on the new version of the Yahoo Homepage.

·         There is one more amazing feature which is updated t the new version of the Yahoo Homepage. Now, you will never miss out the top or popular videos, and can also view the upcoming events with the help of Yahoo live.

This above-mentioned information will definitely help you to get new Yahoo Homepage. If you face any issue with Yahoo new version, then you can make a connection with experts through autonomous Yahoo customer service 24x7 toll-free numbers available on the web.