How to Contact Yahoo, if I lost all my Emails from inbox?

Frankmichael321 Apr 06 2017

Have you mistakenly deleted important emails that you still need and it is frustrating you? You want that emails back anyhow. Don’t worry!! Let me tell you that whenever you remove a message from your inbox, it is automatically sent to a "Trash" folder.

In case, if your emails from the Trash folder are also deleted, then you can recover removed emails using Yahoo's Restore feature. You just need to fill the information asked. Here we are providing the information on how to contact Yahoo experts to create a request to restore your deleted emails. You just need to go through the steps:

Procedure to send a request for restoring deleted message:

·         First, you need to find out whether the issue you have can be solved by taking certain steps. Also try with a different browser or operating system, if you can.

·         Go to the Yahoo Help page.

·         Press Mail.

·         You need to choose the product of the Yahoo Mail in which you are facing the issue:

Ø  The issue in Mail in desktop with a desktop browser.

Ø  Problems in Mail in Mobile with a mobile browser.

Ø  The issue in Mail App in the Android version of the Yahoo! Mail app.

Ø  The issue in Mail App in the iOS version of the Yahoo! Mail app.

·         Choose the most relevant category, sub-category under Topics section.

·         If there is no article, which describes your issue:

Ø  You need to ensure that you’ve chosen Mail for Desktop for Yahoo! Help.

Ø  Select Issues under Topic.

Ø  Now, you need to select My issue does not appear in the list.

Ø  Select Yahoo Mail Quick Fix.

Ø  You need to choose the kind of error, which you are facing under what are you having an issue with?

Ø  Type email address other than your Yahoo! Mail address in the Alternate Email section.

Ø  Enter the Captcha code in the Enter the code you see below section.

Ø  You need to click on the Create Request button to send the request to the experts.

Ø  You need to wait for Yahoo to review your account for issues and follow the suggestions in the email; you have received from the experts when it is done.


There is not 100% surety that your message will be restored in your inbox again. For more information, Yahoo technical support phone number is also available on the web for your quick support.

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