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How to Make Money on Minds. (The #MindsGaming guide)

MindsGaming Community Aug 12, 2018, 2:44:10 AM

 REVAMED September 2019.


Gamers, Writers, and other content creators: You Can Now Make Money On Minds!


In this blog we talk about the Minds monetization program (WIRE), rewards, ad-sharing & affiliate links.


This is huge! You can finally make money on Minds,



WIRE allows creators to place a price on content, allowing users who want to support their channel to unlock the post for a set amount of points or cash.


Create content in a post made to your channel or group after signing up for monetization and clicking the {WIRE} symbol, you can now assign a point or cash value to the post!



Users can also assign reward tiers for supporters allowing them to unlock some or all content for the month.


(Example: If you lock a post for $1 users unlock all other posts for $1 and under (Points) as well)


Only users who support your content for the wire amount or have paid for a higher reward can see locked posts, others will see the monetization image you set with an “unlock” option.





Ad-sharing is currently only available on blogs. Ad-sharing, as it sounds, places ads on your blog(s) that you have marked monetized using the $ symbol on the blog. You then make money on clicks to the ads. You can cash out your money after reaching $100.


Rates: 80/20 split on the revenue with Minds. 80% to the creator and 20% to Minds

(As well as the stripe charge for withdrawl)



Affiliate links:

By becoming a Minds affiliate by signing up you can make 25% of any profit that Minds makes on accounts that sign up with your affiliate link!

This is great for social media entrepreneurs that can bring members to the Minds platform.

Simply sign up for the affliate program and get members to sign up using your affiliate link!


Now we talk about how we make our money!


Users are paying for your personal content, and may even enroll in a monthly subscription to support you channel, paying you once a month, users who do not sign up may pay more unlocking tiers throughout the month depending on promotions and content bringing you even more.


I think this is going to be your extra income to start even if you use it in combination with monthly videos, or pay to view content.


For example, our channel makes exclusive gaming videos (MG-Logs) at least once a month. After an amount of time, we “release” the video (edit it to public) and place the video in a monetized blog.


We add things to the blog having to do with the video like the game inside, any ratings we gave it and key points of the video.


Making money on Minds has not only become available, it’s easy!


Join our VIP program and get your monetized blogs & locked content reminded to our community!