6 Tech Gifts For Grads

EricBxn Feb 24 2017

When looking for the ideal tech gadgets you should consider will it fill their needs, and if money is an issue will it fit into my budget? Fortunately, with today's technology there are plenty of gadgets that will fit those criteria. The following list are just a few examples:

  • Charging hubs: The average student today will have multiple mobile devices and will need a way of keeping all of those devices charged. The problem is that anywhere they go there will probably be a limited number of places to plug in all of their chargers. So a charging hub is an excellent gift for your grad. Charging hubs come in a wide variety in the number of devices they handle and price.

    Smart mugs: Whatever stage your grad will be embarking on in their life there will probably be plenty of late nights working on the computer. That means plenty of hot caffeinated beverages to help them through the night. The problem is that you pour yourself that nice hot mug of coffee, tea, or cocoa and it gets cold by the time you finish it. A smart mug makes a great gift that will keep though hot beverages at just the right temperature for the whole night.

    Waterproof cameras: A good digital camera always makes for a good gift for your grad. There are plenty of very good waterproof digital cameras out there to choose from for that graduation gift. Prices usually run anywhere from 20-150 dollars meaning that no matter what your budget is there is a camera in your price range.

    Portable storage: Whether it is a flash drive or an external hard drive it is always nice to be able to have all of your important data with you anywhere you go. There are several forms of portable storage ranging form just a few hundred megabytes to several terabytes. Most of the different type will also fit into any budget.

    Bluetooth speakers: Your grad is going to want to do some entertaining with his/her friends after big day. So, a Bluetooth speaker will make for a great gift for them. There are several good ones out there and some are even waterproof just in case those graduation parties get wild.

    LED Light Up Shoes: There is a new crazy sweeping high schools and colleges. This time it's LED light up shoes! So they're not only just for kids but now made for adults to. The best part is you can pick up a cheap pair of the sneakers for less than $40.