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To Learn a Language Can Strengthen Your Mind: the Benefits of Bilingualism Towards Boosting Mental Health

ElizabethKellyFeb 22, 2017, 4:11:03 AM

Language is complex because it takes time to learn a new language especially something you never heard before. You have to understand the meaning of each word, the technicalities such as grammar and sentence construction and you must express the language in the correct manner like a native speaker. These are only some of the reasons why people do not bother learning a new language. It is too difficult, challenging and let you sacrifice a lot of time.

Being bilingual offers countless of benefits to a person. For instance, if you are on vacation in Spain, you do not need the service of a Spain guide and most of all you can enjoy your tour to the fullest.

However, do you know that being bilingual can support the functions of your brain?


Various researches conducted by specialist indicate that the human brain works more if it tried to learn a second language. The research shows that learning a different language boosts the mental function of the brain. According to the professionals, some parts of the brain particularly the mind's language center (the Broca's area and Wernicke's area) and the hippocampus augments in size. These brain parts regulate the storing and retrieving of memories, speech process and production of a person.


Bilingual people regardless of having a perfect accent on a particular language have different brain characteristics compared to individuals who only speak one language. Studies indicate that brain's left hemisphere which is responsible for analytical and logical process and the right hemisphere that regulates the emotional and social process have stronger functions. The synapses and neurons within these parts of the brain are thicker which is the reason for the high density of gray matter in the area. Learning a new language is like letting the brain perform exercises. The more your mind works, some of your brain's regions are active which is beneficial for preventing Alzheimer's, dementia and poor memory.


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