How Maintaining Oral Health Can Improve your Love Life

dentistwish Feb 12 2017

Men and women alike often agree that a smile is the first thing that attracts them to a person. Personally, after almost seven years of marriage, my husbands' smile still does me in.

Along with the elusive perfect smile - good breath, clean teeth, and healthy gums are all on the list of what makes a mouth attractive.


For your educational entertainment, I have provided illustrations to assist my point below:

Clean = Cute

Show me a person with a clean set of teeth, and I'll show you a person with a higher chance of desirability. Not once have I seen a film depict a romantic scene, or "Love at first sight" moment that included tartar, coffee stains, or plaque build up. Besides film, in reality, I believe we can all agree that we are more likely to respond positively to an attractive strangers smile if it doesn't include these things.


Smell is the Strongest Scent Tied to Memory

Knowing this fact about smell probably increases your desire to pick not only a slightly more popular cologne/body spray but also a long lasting and fresh smelling toothpaste. Your oral health is reflected in the way your mouth usually smells and things like halitosis, and infected tonsils can cause bad breath and can both be prevented and treated with regular check ups.


Scent Sets the Stage

When you lean in for that 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd kiss, do you want your date to be engulfed by the smell of homemade garlic toast coming from your mouth?! No way. Visit the dentist regularly, and maintain your oral hygiene in-between visits, and have your date be reminded of you when they brush their own teeth or smell something minty, instead of them being reminded of you when they walk past the onion box at the local market.


It's Not About Perfection

Obviously, a person will be interested in you for far greater and deeper reasons than your oral health. However, it can be a "Make or break" issue depending on the severity.

You don't need to have teeth so pearly white that you could blind an eagle. Or breath so sweet that you taste like a candy store. You just need to show effort and self-confidence in the way your present yourself, and that absolutely includes your oral health.

Do yourself (and your existing or future partner a favor) and pay a visit to your local dentist