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Friendly Websites Tips

WebdevelopmentFeb 9, 2017, 1:47:15 PM

Everyone wants to be an internet marketer these days, and most are trying to start a search engine friendly blog so as to do it, but few know the right way to go about it. If you’ve been struggling with your marketing then have a look at the 6 tips outlined in this article – it could be just what you need to get things flowing again.

Quite a few things are going to have an impact on just how well you do in the search engine rankings. While you may be getting indexed, are you ranking well for the keywords that your readers are typing in to try and find you?

Are you using a short URL and title that has your main keyword in it? These are two important and controllable ways that you can have a say over what you rank for. It also gives you a way to closely match the title and URL to the niche that you’re in.

I really cannot stress this enough, can’t you tell? Using a lot of stacked content modules only complicates your design, and your programming.. If you forget to define how the modules will behave on different devices, especially on ones that have not yet come onto the market, you could have scrambled eggs for a site, much like a badly formatted Kindle book. Remember the Least Common Denominator theory and make your mobile website viewable on the smallest available screen. Forget modules and use a single optimized PNG so that all you have to define are the navigation buttons. Put it on a large, nicely colored background, and it will look good on larger mobile screens automagically.

Give your customers a reason to come to your mobile website.If you also have a main website, let your visitors know that you offer special deals on your mobile website that they won’t want to miss. This encourages use, and usage encourages Google and other search engines to rank you higher.

Remember, your content is what people are after, not your technological savvy. Give them what they want, quickly, cleanly, and cheaply.