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This Is What Real Fascism Looks Like

A.N. TibsFeb 7, 2017, 5:01:28 PM

Middle school teacher by day, domestic terrorist by night, Yvette Felarca is the BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) organizer behind the riot which famously shut down Milo Yiannopoulos' talk at Berkeley.

Here she is, in all her glory, being interviewed  on KTVU:

You may remember Felarca from an incident in Sacramento last June in which a dozen white supremacists (Yes: Real white supremacists) were holding a peaceful rally (Yes: An actual peaceful rally) when they were swarmed by Yvette and well over 100 of her weapon-wielding  cohorts:

One would think that a growing movement of jackbooted thugs in the United States of America was bad enough. However the most disturbing part about all of this has to be the first three words I wrote.

Middle. School. Teacher.

Let that sink in for a moment: This violent extremist is charged with the education of children.

You may be wondering how this is possible. After all, the ongoing witchhunt against wrong-think (gleefully undertaken by the regressive left's social justice warriors) has been responsible for the firing of countless people, from all walks of life, in recent years.

On that basis there's no doubt that a teacher not only taking part in riots but organizing them and proudly spewing fascistic drivel in the media would immediately be removed from the classroom permenently... Right?


That may have been the case had Felarca done something truly horrible like tweet her displeasure with men permitted to wave their dicks around in female dressing rooms if they claim to identify as women or, even worse, post anything remotely negative about Islam on Facebook.

But when the offense is something as innocuous as shutting down somebody's right to speak freely without fear of having their teeth kicked in the penalty is scaled down to a paltry six weeks administrative leave.

Also worth noting is that she spent those six weeks holding protests with her terroristic tribe - the same ones found bashing skulls in the video above - at the school.

Let me say it again as it bears repeating: Yvette Felarca brought her army of black-clad thugs to a middle school... And was rewarded for it!

Strange, isn't it? As the 2016 US presidential election approached, the media was inundated with progressive pundits warning of the inevitable violent protests immoral conservative voters - the so-called deplorables - would be holding.

Buzzwords like "embolden" and "normalize" were constantly repeated to make sure the public was aware that Donald Trump's very existence would usher in an era of brown shirts cracking skulls to enforce their far right views on those they disagree with.

Yet here we are, months after The Donald's ascension to the White House, and the only violent bands of fascists that have been emboldened hail from the left side of the political landscape with the hateful ideology becoming normalized being theirs.

Since this is the world we live in... Is it really that surprising that most "news" outlets are more concerned about painting a gay Jew from England with a well known affection for black cock as an ardent white supremacist with NAZI loyalties than they are about warning the average Joe that the education of his kids has been entrusted to a domestic terrorist?

Does anybody reading this honestly believe this crazy bitch would still have a job if she had targeted a Black Lives Matter protest? Do you sincerely think such behavior would have yielded zero arrests had it taken place at a talk by Laurie Penny?

Hillary was correct about one thing: There really is a basket of deplorables - She simply failed to recognize where the bulk of its contents came from.