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Don't Use The Same Password For Multiple Websites

Bryan BrewsterFeb 5, 2017, 7:39:38 AM

I recently saw a post about a guy who's social media accounts were hijacked, because his password was discovered, and he used the same password for several accounts. I'm sure it wasn't an enjoyable experience, I'm sure it wasn't an enjoyable experience for him.


There's only so much control that you have over the credentials you use to login to different websites, but one thing you can do to protect yourself is use a different password for each website.


It's easier to do than it sounds.


Use a tool that generates random passwords, and a password manager like 1Password or LastPass for most passwords.


There is also value in using multi-factor authentication (sometimes called two-factor authentication), where it is available.


For anyone interested in using it, minds.com does provide a two-factor authentication option.  



As minds grows, and the features change, the location of the two-factor authentication option might change, but for the moment, it can be found in the settings menu.