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Surfing the wave of Love!

AliceWFeb 4, 2017, 10:46:47 AM

I remember when I was just a girl and started using Internet.  For a student, first thing was about writing and collecting information and delivering it somewhere where's needed. I'm sure we all have some memories about it and remember when we started collecting our own information and interests. We started reading and watching videos that for sure impacted us on certain level. 

Soon, Internet started to grow and we all have that one warning (especially from our parents) to choose where we share our personal information and to whom. Things got complicated as we grew and Internet became more complex than we expected. Various things were on the table, but more and more people talked about privacy and security. 

In my personal experience, through many years, I could find useful information through social networks, but as I'm artist and writer, our circle got smaller and smaller, during all political speculations and news. I needed safe place to hide and write without any limits, as my nature were pushing me further and further to explore, even I somehow gave up.

Minds is a bridge.  It is also a destination (and an incredible journey).  I mean this both literally, in a raw technological sense, and also metaphorically. 

https://www.minds.com/blog/view/100000000000249559 by @ottma

I find about @ottman and @John, I remember @SatoriD and @Cartman1 helping me with all the things You can meet when You enter new field full of things You can just imagine. I couldn't believe there are so much like minded people and finally I arrived to @MindsGaming Community. 

All I knew was how to use social network and work in organized community. Nothing else. I offered my art and all help to @TheMindsPanelShow  because that was what I believed in and more and more people joined. Community grew and now, I finally feel like I arrived at right place to be, share and do what everybody should- help others to get out of the cage of society! I believe more is yet to come as we grow and share our interests ... 

All I know is that Love is the answer and this kind of open-sourced and decentralized network should have impact on us, as individual so as society. 


@MindsGaming Community (my way to find all these Beautiful Minds here) quoted:

Minds is a Social networking media site in all concepts, with many features that can be associated with facebook and twitter. Minds Brings social media to the next evolution as it allows users to own their content and become their-own social media.