5 Steps For Turning Your Invention Ideas Into a Product

KatherineCook Jan 15 2017

Do you think you are creative? Is there a lot of innovative ideas in your brain? Then you should make those ideas into a product. In the present world, there are enormous resources to know about the new things. You can easily generate tons of ideas.

One simple, innovative idea can change your entire life. But there is a common issue, which is, use the new invention ideas to build a product. Before you start to execute the plan, you can follow some steps which will help you to make a product based on your idea. Here I am going to write five major factors which you should follow including how to patent an idea.


Make a Document

When you have an innovative idea, and you want to execute your idea to bring something awesome, the first step is to make a document about the product. Without any document of your idea, it is not valuable.

This is also a good way to patent your idea. Write everything about your idea. Write from scratch and make it easier to understand. This document will also help you to get some investment in your thoughts.


Research the Market

Your ideas are not valuable until you have a market for the idea with an interested audience. No matter if every person who listened to your idea has praised it. The main thing is the audience. According to a business statistic, 95% patent ideas failed to make money.

The reason behind this failure is the lack of market research. So, do this task professionally and assume what you needed to do before launching your product.


Make a Demo

Yes, before you started to make the final product for the market, you need to make a demo. To do this step, firstly make a flow chart which you needed to do. Make a mockup and then go through the demo.

If possible, make a 3-D model of the product. This demo will help you to introduce the product to the investors. It will help you a lot to convince the investors.


Apply for a Patent

You should file a paten to keep protected your ideas being stolen. There are mainly two types of patent, utility patent, and the design patent. Make sure which patent is needed for your product idea. Write clearly the application for the patent.

If you are not skilled enough to do the task, take help from a professional pattern attorney to make the task easier.


Make it and Market It

After doing the above processes successfully, you can hope to get some investment for your idea. Now start to produce the product with the excellent quality.

Market the product to the right audience, and you don’t have to look back. The money will start to come, and you will be a successful business man.

Don’t over think about the idea, rather make it full proof to get the success.