11 Useful SEO Tips for Beginners

kadirboy Nov 03 2016

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect of website marketing and promotion. To ensure that your website gets a lot of daily visitors, you will have to optimize it for the search engines. It is nothing new that virtually all internet users make use of Google for their online search needs. It is advisable to focus on the optimization efforts of your website on Google. Your website will automatically get a lot of web traffic daily if the site can rank higher on Google. For beginners, SEO might be an impossible task.  However, here are a few helpful SEO tips for beginners:


1. Know The Rank Of Your Site

One thing you have to do is to have an idea of how Google ranks your website. You can get this information from Alexa and other sites. These sites will offer you with a complete analysis of the web traffic generated by your website and also whether or not your website is indexed by search engines on a regular basis.


2. Make Use Of Google Keyword Tool

Google AdWords is a powerful tool which is user-friendly and available for free. With the help of this tool, you can determine different types of keywords related with your business or your website. You can add keywords naturally into the content of your site so that it will be listed / indexed more often by search engines


3. Improve Your Website Content

The contents of your website should be informational and not very promotional. You should also embed images, statistics, and videos wherever necessary in order to make the content more intriguing so that it will attract the indexing software of Google (Panda). This article will be rated higher in the search results when it is able to do that. Also; you have to improve your conversion rate.



4. Hire A Content Writer

If you don’t have the required skill needed in writing articles or you are not convenient creating articles on your own, you can hire a content writer who can create not just readable contents but search engine optimized content for your website.


5. Submit Articles

This is another effective tip for beginners. All you have to do is to submit articles with your website link attached on popular article directories. This will direct more audience to your site and increase your popularity on Google. There are many article directories out there where you can frequently submit your articles. Make sure your website link is attached to these article directories.


6. Always Make Use of Title Tags

A unique title tag should be created for each one of your web pages. One thing search engines like is to see an entirely different tag because every page should show something different. The title tags should include keywordsand must be descriptive. Google, Yahoo and other search engines will only display certain amount of characters in the title tag so ensure that your title tag is distinct.


7. Meta Description Tag

More characters can be included in the meta description tag. This tag gives the search engines a summary of what the page is talking about. You can add more characters and keywords inside this tag. Ensure that your description tag has to do with the content of the page and also portrays the page. Google and other search engines make use of snippets for the search results; this makes description tags very important. Snippet is a tool that helps Google displays the most relevant search results.


8. Create More Descriptive URLs

Create friendlier and more descriptive URLs for each web page. For instance, a product page for this SEO TIPS PAGE can be called seo-tips.html. Make use of more descriptive names rather than something unprofessional like test2.html. That apart, this helps the search engines figure out what the page is all about and increases your odds of being more relevant. Unclear page names and URLs can be confusing and difficult to remember. This allows Google look at your URL as a SEO- friendly one and also allows your clients to remember the name of your URL. Your web pages become more relevant if your URLs are friendlier. 



9. Register Your Domain Name for Several Years

Google and other search engines regard short term websites as spam and clients hates spam. Hence, it is important to register your website for a long time – say 5 years and above. This will make your site look more credible.  This will leave a notion on the search engine that your website will be accessible for a long period of time.


10. Backlinks

Backlinking is an important aspect of the SEO process. By investing the smallest time on backlinking, you create significance to your site and increase your site's page rank gradually. Exchanging links in forum posts, relevant website directories are good places to start building a relevant online presence for your website. Your SEO rank will be increased when you back link your websites.


 11. Use Targeted Keywords

Create website pages that can be identified with every one of your keywords. By creating a page with several keywords, you can focus on creating keyword rich content without straying from the current point. Keywords can be added in headers, metal tags and title tags suitably. This is particularly essential if you happen to focus on a popular keyword identified by Google and most clients. For example, if you want to write an article on FOOD; your keywords should entail descriptive and popular words which search engines are familiar with.

       Studying and masterminding these few tips will make things easy for you.