Waking Up Inside The Pickle Jar

skybluesight Nov 24 2016

Censorship and Persecution


I had put my posts on blogspot in hibernation and intended to re-calibrate and repost them this year when current events snagged my attention. I thought I had been posting on a user-friendly, net neutrality internet.  I realized Globalist Brutality, not neutrality ;)  was at work and I was right in the den of the worst of the beasts  - a google product.


My Experience: The Failure of Success.


I should begin by saying that my very existence makes me an 'Enemy of the State', at least the type of State we currently have.  I am not supposed to exist, I do not exist, I am stateless and civilization-less.  If I do exist it is necessary to  un-exist me. People who have  severe disorders such as I had do not get cured, they get  "recovered"  ie psychologically flattened and dependent on all knowing minders who have relieved them of their 'suffering'  and of everything else that matters. 



From the first phase of being cured  my file was transferred from "permanent' to ordinary and I was kicked off social assistance  because I did not need psych meds anymore and two different psychiatrists signed  me off as "fit to hold employment" and not needing "treatment" (medication).. Fine, right?  A new Start.


No. not to be. "You must have a problem considering your history". I heard these words from the Government official who refused to give me the address of the employer who had posted the job opening  on the employment wall. He dismissed the idea of some airy-fairy, "touchy feely", therapy groups as being of any importance.

The job had  been for a simple entry level factory maintenance position, something at that point I could do sleep-walking.    And I heard pronouncements in many other variations from direct walk in applications elsewhere.

And I quickly learned that to explain myself to anyone who I really was, was a disaster. No one gets cured. There is nothing even close to the paradigm of human emotional growth in the  public consciousness. Everything and the way people are is "fixed" , for what reason they don't know and no one explains it.  Whoever I told,  I simply made them suspicious  and alienated them. So I lived a life in the Phantom Zone. One self, one identity presented to the humans, one self , one identity  being the real me. 

I overcame my difficulties by learning a code of silence,  my own "Omerta", I buried my past in an unmarked grave.


The Phantom Zone, anonymity, is quite comfortable To tell humans the truth about themselves, to to oppose a murderous and ruthless 100 million dollar a year Psych-Med Industry as well as their allies in Government the Cultural Marxist totalitarians is quite dangerous.  




Internet's Guernica - The devastation of Google, Facebook, and Twitter

So everything I say, the Globalist Economic elite will consider "hate speech"  and inappropriate content for a well -ordered society. The Psychiatric Industry considers Robert Whitaker  a "menace" (That is a direct quote).  All psych activists  are a menace to Globalist Economic Supremacism..


So just when I decided to re-activate my Psych Activism, I found the world in a major crisis. It was a crisis I predicted Cassandra-like, for years. I saw it coming 15 years ago.   The Globalists (what I have always called the economic power elite) in 2016 made a major International play to establish  a World Tyranny.   So far they are ascendant in Europe and Canada although some elements are hitting back at them .

They failed their major play in the USA. The Hillary Cartel was going to be the beginning of the end or the start or the beginning of a totalitarian 'border-less' super-state.  However they failed because they did not have control of the information outlets, notably the internet. What they did reveal was that they had complete control of the MSM, (the controlled media) and arrogantly lied  "in-your-face" to their listeners. They revealed themselves openly  for what they were, They had become so arrogantly confident in their power, they no longer cared how obvious their lies and deceits were. They did not "get the election wrong", they lied about it and they are still lying when they say they "got it wrong". They, the Globalists,  are still waging  open psychological and information warfare on Western Civilization.


Where We are now:  X Marks the Spot


"X" Marks where we are now

So after the Globalists lost the American Election" or even as they were losing they began to clamp down on free speech on the internet.  In fact they have been doing so more subtlety but now they became full blown about it. There never was any intention of "net neutrality", they were simply consolidating their power and getting the public wired to their platforms before they felt they were in a position to lower the hammer..

1. Censorship

So now we have full blown censorship, Google,  (Youtube, Blogspot), Twitter, Facebook.  They are censoring anything that is against Globalist Interests and everything that includes. 

2  Manipulation

But it is worse than that , Wikileaks revealed that Google during the 2016 election was not only slanting and censoring news but was trying to manipulate public opinion  on a "record by record" basis meaning in their targeted groups they used everything they know about a single person to manipulate that person.  (no respect of privacy there).  They revealed they intended to continue this manipulation on a mass scale and fine tune thier tools in order to obtain results.

A full open confession of the intent to develop public political mind control. 

3.  Arrest, Imprisonment, execution.,

On top of that facebook turned over private information about individuals and private non-public groups to the Stasi 2.0 German Government  Security Forces that had people arrested and jailed for simply having the "wrong opinion"  People all over Europe are now being arrested and imprisoned for having the wrong opinions on social media. They are even tracking all internet activity by every single user for example say in Britain.

Since cultural Marxism, putting Europe and parts of North America under Sharia Law (enforcing the part of not being allowed criticizing Islam) has resulted in multiple mass terrorist murders, so   we can say that internet suppression of the truth has resulted in the murder and terrorization of Western peoples. Also dissidents (for example Tommy Robinson) are jailed and put in situations where they could be  murdered by Muslim Supremacist inmates, so we can also say that the execution  of dissidents   by the Western Governments themselves by proxy has probably already begun.


So I come back to activism and I am inside the belly of one of the worst Globalist totalitarian Demons - Goggle. Google already violated my privacy and compromised my security in at least three ways:


First they switched the url to show people which country I am in      (Fixed that - don't mess with a programmer)  That is now called "Doxing".

Second they ransacked all of my emails , and all of my Google products and then sent an email to everyone    in my list pointing at my other products and saying:  "You might know this person".      That is also called "Doxing".

Third They keep trying to get a mobile phone number from me threatening to cut me off from my Gmail  and all  my products.  Come one everyone! surely we all know what that means? Cross indexing your  mobile with all your other info will give them more information on you than the NSA, not to mention your  moment by moment GPS in real time.

  From my cold dead body will they get that from me.

Google is NOT anyone's friend.

 I intend to be offensive, in fact I am coming back to go on the offensive. I am going to wage war on socially induced insanity. Previously I was censored on almost every site I published or commented. I retired my Blog temporarily because of this, giving up in disgust.  I came to realize that the opposition to healthy human growth processes is universally entrenched in virtually all of society and it needs a major shakeup. I have to understand this and be no more Mr. Nice Guy.  .  What I have to say is very unique base on my unique experience in transforming from major dysfunction to weller-than-well

However, apparently it is something that even those who oppose Bio-Med Psychiatry do not want to hear. They love my posts that have glowing descriptions of states of being weller that well, of what I achieved, , but when they learn of what must accompany health they reject me in horror.    My truth which is very unique is not socially acceptable.  Although people want health, they have been indoctrinated in world views, in social paradigms which ensure  they will never have it. These indoctrinations must be hammered and broken.


The Social repression and censorship is now much worse with the ascent of cultural Marxism and the Marxists  real-world crusade to destroy or even end the lives of human beings that oppose them.

Given the context of the the current environment I need a safer social platform upon which I can repost my history.

 I will repost  Skybluecure on Blogspot as it is convenient (of course I have saved all the HTML and displays offline).  I will try to find another platform to migrate it.  A blog that is completely mine. I still need something that is self-contained like Blogspot with all it's bells and whistles and like where I can display blocks of information on the page  in customized displays.  

I am open to suggestions. I need a platform tht is not controlled or likely to be controlled and censored   by the Globalists such as the facebook etc owners. 

As for ongoing commentary as for which I have been using Skybluesight. I am now migrating that to Minds.com.  Most additional ongoing commentary will be posted on Minds.com for now.

As far as I can determine Minds.com will be a safer place for political and economic dissent. 

But I have heard how the mainstream information machines intend to demonize Minds,com and other such sites as being "fake " or "racistl  or maybe "hacked by Martians"Who  knows?

We have to watch out for the snowflakes, they may be fragile but their bosses have a big hammer.  


Since the UN was given control of the internet by Obama, no site make make any difference, they may simply bury us all. 

But for now "X marks the spot" in the open grave. Everything is peaceful, everything seems good unless we open our eyes, then we know we are in a bit of trouble.  But the dirt is not yet covering us, we are not yet buried.