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The Art of Acceptance-Leaving the wheel of reincarnation. By Cartman1

Meg Boardman (aka Cartman1/Nikki) Feb 24, 2019, 3:30:46 PM


Meg Boardman (aka Cartman1/Nikki)

Nov 13, 2016, 10:51:27 PM

Many of us are opening our minds to ideas and concepts that perhaps we would not have accepted 20 to 30 years ago.

If a person were to share such notions with us then, we would probably have had them thrown straight into the nuthouse.

That being said, entertaining a concept and accepting a theory is entirely different.

I believe that everything we see happening in our own reality is a direct result of unique thought processes and collective thought processes.

As we take various journeys in this realm of the 3rd dimension, we see what we believe to be true,and while we are still on the wheel of reincarnation, if our soul desires to experience something in a particular existence state, there will be an additional desire for a continuation, of those specific desires, in the next existence.

We can get caught up in the web of continual incarnations, to fulfill specific desires on a soul level, so that the soul can evolve and ascend to a higher state of consciousness.

As we are all connected, we will also get caught up in other aspects of our individual soul...often referred to as soul mates and soul groups.

Sometimes our individual soul has desires, and also the soul in its entirety, when split into different aspects, has a group desire, along with each individual soul aspect having their own personal desires.

This can be problematic because soul growth is often hindered due to much karma being created. As the soul aspect wants to experience certain things while in human form, that they didn't quite manage before passing over...so it goes on...more karma is created, and we are caught up on the wheel of reincarnation for eons,as we attempt to balance the karma created during each lifetime.

We can get off the wheel of reincarnation if we start to learn the art of Acceptance.

First, we must learn to accept wholeheartedly who we really are before we can take others as they are.

Our thoughts and feelings are things that shape our lives.

If we can understand the true meaning of acceptance, we can develop empathy of others, even understanding and accepting those that we would term as Evil.

Accepting is not the same as Allowing.

We can accept a person just as they are, and be understanding of their natures, allowing the soul level they may be operating from, and we can forgive them because we have empathy that comes from a deeper level of understanding.

However, we do not have to allow them to hurt us. If we believe someone else is responsible for our painful experience, we are in a state of allowance.

The allowance is a lack of resistance to something. If we are in protest against something, we are resisting something.

When we're resisting, it suggests that the very thing we're opposing has power over us. Therefore we must resist it.

So this is pouring energy into the very thing you wish to eliminate from your reality.

If we could place ourselves into a state of allowing the experiences we would like to appear in our world, instead of resisting the things we don't want, our realities would change exponentially... and rapidly.

Donald Trump may not be the ideal choice for president of the US, but if we accept his flaws, and focus on the positive elements of what he may herald into this era, the positive aspects will multiply...this is how situations that seemed hopeless are healed, and miraculous things occur as a result.

I use Donald Trump as one example, but there are many others!

When we do this somehow the impossible becomes possible.

We can start by focusing on what we want for this country and the rest of the world.

We have arrived at a very positive point in the history of mankind, and a crossroad...

the fork in the road.

We have an opportunity to create something unusual on this planet. We can use the technology to our advantage, which will propel us on swiftly to the next chapter of the human journey.

Focus on the intention and the outcome, and perform the actions to match. Don't waste energy on the negative.

This is why it is said that change comes from within.

Focus on the things that give you the most joy, do what you love, experience the beauty of life in this way, and our reality will change.

I can promise you that you will be successful at creation...

My heart is open, and an open heart cannot tell a lie.

Love, Light, and blessings to you all...