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Germany unveils hydrogen-powered train that only emits steam

Alternative World News NetworkNov 3, 2016, 11:37:11 PM

Traveling up to 500 miles per day at speeds of 87 MPH, Germany's newest train runs exclusively on hydrogen fuel and emits, only, water vapor.

The train, called the Coradia iLint, runs counter to the country's 4,000 diesel trains.

14 of these trains have been ordered in Lower Saxony and testing will be run all through 2017, with initial implementation expected at the end of 2017.

The train was first revealed at Berlin’s InnoTrans trade show in August and gave an impressive show.

“Alstom is proud to launch a breakthrough innovation in the field of clean transportation," said Alstom CEO Henri Poupart-Lafarge, in a statement, also saying that it  "shows our ability to work in close collaboration with our customers and develop a train in only two years.”

The hydrogen that fuels the train is held in huge battery cells on top of the vehicle.  As the hydrogen is mixed and burned with oxygen, it produces incredible amounts of heat which crank turbines for extreme amounts of electricity.  The only byproduct is water vapor.