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How to build a DIY solar water purifier in catastrophic times

Ian CrosslandMay 3, 2020, 1:14:17 PM

The concept of the solar still is a simple one.  Like the evaporation of earth's lakes, rivers and oceans, sunlight heats up the water causing water vapor.  This water vapor rises and cools, eventually forming into liquid.

In earth's natural ecosystem, this produces rain.  In the solar still heats the water into vapor, collects along a cool, dark screen, where it condenses back into liquid.  From here, the clean water trickles down into a waiting collection jar.

In order to cheaply create this still, YouTuber, CrypticCricket, finds a few base materials, including a piece of plate glass, PVC pipe and lumber.

The basin is built, out of the wood, to fit the glass (not the other way around).

It is held together, simply enough, with water-proof wood glue.

After darkening the basin with a black caulk and making some incisions in the drip tube, the device is almost ready.  The video will illustrate a complete, step by step of the tools to use where.

A small still, like the one in the video, can produce 1/2 gallon of fresh water per day, whereas larger ones, closer to the size of a plate-glass door, can make multiple gallons.

Here you go; introduce dirty or salt water and watch it become drinkable using just the power of the sun.