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GapcarinsuranceSep 16, 2016, 8:30:27 AM

Buying a brand new car should be seamless, shouldn’t it? So long as you got the money ready, all you need to do is get in touch with the manager in charge of the particular store where your preferred model and type of car is sold and close the deal. But it doesn’t always work that way. This short guide will tell you everything you need to know when purchasing a brand new vehicle, no matter the model or type.

Research and Its Importance

The first step to take before buying that new vehicle is to perform some research on the internet. The days when you have to visit the car dealership close-by and be talked into buying any of the BMW’s, Hondas or Audis on the podium are over. That’s their job; to embellish the brands under their care and ensure it gets sold with lots of profits. But information that is supplied on the web is made available to you from an objective standpoint, with no plan or scheme to goad you into buying the brand new car. Don’t be pestered into visiting the dealership before you perform your research. Lots of places abound online where you can find top-quality information about any new vehicle in the market. 

Magazine websites, blogs or even the automakers’ websites can quickly supply you with the necessary information. Sift through the info, take a lot of notes and be thoroughly knowledgeable about the model or brand of vehicle you want to purchase before visiting the dealership.

Call the Sales Reps

Before stepping out of your house, make sure you place phone calls to all the car sales reps in your neighborhood or city that sell the brand of the car that you want. If the dealership has a very skilled salesperson, get him on the phone and then describe the features as well as the vehicle that you are looking for. Ensure that they have one or more of the make of car and then fix an appointment with them.

Models and Their Value as The Years Go By

Buying a new car is not even a problem if you have the cash to make the purchase. The real issue is how fast new cars lose their value. This should be a key consideration when thinking to buy a brand new vehicle and should, in fact, come first before performing your online research. Some models of vehicles have the capacity to shed cash faster than others, so factor this into your research when looking to buy a brand new car, just in case you plan to sell it off a few years down the line. 

You will find some highly reliable depreciation calculators online that will show you how much any car model is valued annually. For instance, check out the table below (although this changes from time to time, so research well. Secondly, the vehicles are ranked in no particular order):


Land Rover               24

Mercedes-Benz             35

Lexus           35

Audi                    35

Jeep                  33

Dacia           36

Mitsubishi          35

Mazda          36

MINI                 35

Tesla                33

I’m Ready to Purchase; When Should I Make the Buy?

Not on weekends, dear friend. Avoid making the buy at the beginning of a new month, especially after payday. Keen observation has revealed that sales are on a quarterly basis, and car dealers have targets they wouldn’t want to miss since meeting them will get them rewarded with bonuses.  This article about buying a new vehicle is brought to you by the leaders in Gap insurance quotes - http://www.click4gap.co.uk . Therefore, the best time for you to visit the dealership and make your purchase is toward the end of these months: March, June, September and December. Sales reps will be more than willing to negotiate prices during these periods, and you will be able to strike a good bargain.