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Gaza man builds DIY solar desalination machine, creating 2.8 gallons of clean water every day

Ian CrosslandAug 11, 2016, 9:19:02 PM

The Israeli occupation of Gaza has devastated the community, rendering some 90% of the water undrinkable due to salinity or pollution.  People walk through checkpoints to get to work or school and the quality of life has been grueling under Israeli imposed martial law.

This is partly why the invention, created by Fayez al-Hindi, is so great.  It is simple in construction and desalinates sea water, producing 2.6 gallons of water every day.  This is enough for his family's basic cooking and cleaning needs.

"Sunshine is readily available in our country," says al-Hindi.  By heating up the salt water and causing it to evaporate, moisture is collected on the panels and the clean water drips into a collection basin.

Coastal Municipalities Water Utility tested the water to make sure it was actually clean and found that his process is working.

He has begun to proliferate the technology, helping local residents to build more of the solar water purifiers.