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Low Maintenance Landscaping

landscapeinspireJul 11, 2016, 9:59:00 PM

Most of us would love a beautiful landscaping but not all of us have the time to maintain it. The argument can be made that one could hire a landscaper to help maintain the yard, but there are a lot of people who don’t have extra money to allot towards services they could perform themselves such as landscaping, cleaning, etc. Finding plants that are low maintenance, attractive and relatively inexpensive are perfect for people without the time and money to put into their yard or hire a landscaping company. Depending on your climate, there are lots of plants that can survive year round in tropical climates and in northern climates.

Sedum is a perennial flower that blooms for a significantly longer period than most other flowers. It is low maintenance and the blooms are a dark pink, reddish color. It is a reliable flower that you can count on to bloom every year towards the end of summer. This flower attracts butterflies and the blooms are shaped like stars. Coreopsis is a gorgeous yellow, perennial flower that is easily grown from seeds or replanted from a bought plant. These flowers also come in different colors such as orange, pink and bright red and does really well in dry conditions so forgetting to water every once in a while isn’t a big deal.

Yucca is a green plant that sprouts long spikey leaves. These plants can grow up to five feet wide and can fill up a large section of your yard. If you are looking for a lot of ground cover, planting a few of these can add a large amount texture and foliage. The long leaves have shades of dark and light green and gives the appearance of a sea urchin. This plant lasts all year long and doesn’t need to be replanted so once planted, the plant can thrive in your garden with little to no maintenance. Yarrow is a stunning purple flower that is durable and has the ability to thrive in almost any condition. There are several varieties of the flower, some offering pinkish blooms and others offering yellow however the classic yarrow is the breathtaking purple shade.

With the right amount of research, finding a low maintenance, affordable garden is in reach for anyone who has the desire and the passion to create an attractive landscape. With just a few hours out of your weekend, you can create a stunning landscape that can be maintained by watering daily and weeding every now and then.