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Former NFL star to open a gym where everyone can smoke pot

Alternative World News NetworkJul 8, 2016, 6:11:28 PM

Former pro-football star, Ricky Williams and Jim McAlpine, a snowboard company executive, have begun the creation of a San Francisco gym that will allow the use of marijuana on premises.

In addition to smoking, Power Plant Fitness, the gym, will also will offer edibles and topical gels.

Members of the gym will need a medical marijuana prescription, though that may change if California legalizes pot recreationally later this year.

McAlpine explains the value he gets from marijuana, dispelling the myth of the lazy couch dweller.  "I personally use it for focus. It's not about getting high. It's about keeping my mind engaged in the activity I'm in," he explains.

"I think a lot of people buy into the stoner stereotype where guys just sit on the couch, smoke and don't do anything, and they're not very motivated," said Williams, who retired from the NFL after the 2011 season. "I found when I was playing football that using cannabis helped me relax physically, relax mentally and even spiritually."

He's not alone.

Though more studies must be done on the value of THC and CBD (two active chemicals in marijuana) in athletics, there are a huge number of anecdotal mentions by athletes across the world.  Doctors also chime in.

"To use cannabis in that sense for pain relief instead of the usual things you're able to use now, like opioids, is hands down why you would use it," said Dr. Perry Solomon, chief medical officer for HelloMD, a digital health care platform for the cannabis industry.

It'll be huge.