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The First Critical Mass of Zenica City

AliceWJun 19, 2016, 6:16:38 PM

Critical Mass is shared bike event for different places in the World, with purpose of drawing attention to problems in traffic for bikes. It's not just a protest, company or activism, it's the event that belongs to all citizen in most directly way.

You need to get to know your and general rules in traffic to be a part of event like this.

Promote smile and good company, there's no need to be so serious- they even decorate their bikes! Most of all it promote sharing, without leader, like already a Mass- they want to think criticaly and to point out the shortcomings.

They think positive and already are by driving a bike !

Zenica is one of the biggest Cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it's first ever Critical Mass of Zenica is coming on 24th June.

Critical Mass of Zenica City

Look how it looks like in neighbour County !

Source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChbTS8fu28lBctIp-hvTUCg

It will co-operate with the event of Book presentation 'Nomad 1' of Snežana Radojičić popular writer, proffesor, manager and what else not- who said 'No' to everyday Life and bike away 40.000 km long travel to the World!


Welcome !