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Manifestations of the Divine in Man ~p. 2

AliceWJun 15, 2016, 8:37:23 PM

Image: Immaculate preservation /Jie Yang (Yunnan University; China)

Read :Exquisite fossils reveal oldest nervous system ever preserved


You should really learn while you're alive, whole your life. Our Spirit is amusing and curious in  His nature. Since the beginning, Man is interested in knowing Self, others and the world in which he is. But what man knows about the knowledge, about Self, others and the world in which he is? The initiators of the action, or behavior are thoughts, emotions and motives. It has a role in maintenance of Man as a whole or of unity with Nature. Negativity toward Self, others and Nature, negative states and moods lead to frustration and various behavioral disorders such as hysteria and psychosis. Behavioral disorders manifest as abnormal flow of energy in us.



I'm reading 'Of People and Plants' by Maurice Mességué right now and He tells me story of His bathing in Linden before bed time when He was three years old. It's in chapter of Mental/Nervous Illneses . And I wandered, so it continue to the point of mentioning everyday Life, and this book was published in Paris , 1972.


Linden is one of the ingredients of my own special ‘tea of happiness’ that will bring you peaceful nights, joyful awakenings and happy days, if you will take it regularly. 

 - Maurice Mességué, Health Secrets of Plants and Herbs

Anxiety stick with us in everyday Life. We always hurry, we maybe smoke or drink little more... And what Messegue was writing about is that He couldn't and wouldn't help too much there. We need to give enough effort for our Changes and Wishes. It's the same thing with our Dreams. If we really think that our Dreams are silly and can't be true, then so it will be. So, it's the same with anxiety and other illnesses. And everything! Our reality.

In our brainstem is the reticular formation that is necessary for the vigilance of the organism and the appearance of our individual consciousness, what sets us apart as individuals or Existence, as a person. It's at this moment, so we have to be willing to let go of everything we know and breathe in new without prejudices and stereotypes that distort perception and create illusions, because consciousness is what we are and what we think we are- now. All, in and out, in harmony and unity. The objective and spiritual reality are opposite. Hypothetical boundary between absolute and relative (material) world is the spiritual world. Everything that we carry in ourselves and what we are, is only part of the Absolute that surrounds us and penetrates us. The path of self-realization is always individual and explained in the simplest pathways of Mind and Heart. Programs of Mind through knowledge and attitudes have influence on our self-realization. A positive attitude is the basis of evolutionary maturity of whole being (physical, mental and spiritual aspect); body and space in which i is realized life of the Soul and which can reflect the Universal consciousness through transcendent synthesis of the conscious and unconscious, allowing the transfer from one attitude to another. Open-mindedness, its release and acceptance; its guidance in order to entire experience of life as it is- is our consciousness. Focusing Mind and Soul (Kundalini) is our Spirit that exceeding  into the Absolute.


Now, lets all think about everyday Life, our Health and our Acts on all of this. Illnesses are like bugs in program. It could be removed if we know what they are and where.

Stay positive !