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What to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Retirement Home

livingjoyJun 9, 2016, 2:41:06 PM

Choosing a retirement home can be difficult. You need to be aware that elders in retirement homes should have certain rights. It is important that you visit the facility in order to make sure the staff and administration provides the type of care you deserve.

The first thing that you can look at while vising a retirement home is how much courtesy is afforded to the seniors by their caregivers. Is the staff polite, do they converse with the residents, do they appear to be happy to interact with them? Do they call them by their name? Are the activities safe? Do the activities demean the residents in any way? You need to make sure that the environment is both safe and amiable before you decide to move into the facility. Much more can be said by observing the interactions that take place than by asking a faculty member about them.

Hospitality is not the only thing that should be provided in these homes. Care should also be provided promptly and comprehensively by staff that is well trained. Residents should not be placed in physical restraints that are not necessary. Each and every resident should be provided with care that is individualized and comfortable to them. When a call light is pressed it needs to be answered immediately. You are paying to live in these communities, not the other way around. Food should be provided for every meal and sit should be fresh and nutritious. Seniors should also be given adequate time to complete their meal. If assistance is needed, staff should be available to help.

Medications should be administered when and how they are supposed to. Each person should receive individual attention that is unrushed and aimed at meeting the specific needs of the person. You want to ensure that the staff knows what they are doing and that the medical staff can perform any necessary medical procedures properly.

You also want to ensure residents are not subjugated to indecent exposure within the facility. Sometimes, staff may forget to close a door. Residents should be shown respect and be afforded the right to privacy that everyone has. Even if the caregiver is unaware that they are violating the privacy of the resident, they should still remain respectful at all times.

Caregivers should never have any of the resident’s personal information, unless the resident gave permission for them to have it. Caregivers typically have access to personal information due to the amount of time they spend with residents.

It is important to remember, however that seniors have the right to refuse care that the retirement community intends to provide them with. Residents are entitled to food and medical care. They should also have the right to change caregivers if they are not happy with the one they currently have. You may want to stay in a retirement community close to your home town in order to allow the opportunity to visit with friends and family not living in the community. Make sure that you carefully weigh your options before picking a retirement community.