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Icelandic wind turbine can handle super strong winds and powers your house

Alternative World News NetworkJun 6, 2016, 12:00:17 PM

The country of Iceland is already running on 100% renewable energy but that is not stopping them from enhancing their capabilities.  Taking full advantage of the massive winds throughout the country, one Icelandic engineer has created a wind turbine that can handle them.

Called the IceWind CW1000, it stands on a wide base and rather than fan out, its blades are pointed upward.  The curvature of the blades make it so that they cannot spin too fast, bypassing most windmills' biggest issue.

The machine was invented by Saethor Asgeirsson and promises to take the power generation of Iceland to the next level.  By functioning as residential turbines, they are able to distribute power across the country.