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GAMERClanApr 13, 2016, 6:02:09 PM


Stop pre-ordering games!

Not long ago in a store close to you,  pre-ordering was normal, reasonable and the best thing you could do to make sure you got your game on its release date.

But gaming has evolved ,it has caught up with the on demand cyber age. Pre-ordering games now is not only pointless, but harms the players. First pre-ordering lets the company not have the need to rush to get their game online. Second, it  gives them a way to decide future pricing on game accesorries or purchases. 

It ups gaming prices! Yes, pre-ording makes games more expensive in a digital gaming age. A new publisher could under bid you with a similar game that works better. That's right, pre-ording makes it hard to find good new games and game developers too!

Big gaming companies trying to focus your attention away from the facts on why you should convert to the digital age of gaming and downloading, pushing promos for in store purchaces and offering "gaming rewards" or trade in (haha) values. Let's face it, everything is at your fingertips and digital gaming and downloads are flying and quickly becoming the go-to for gaming. But here's the thing, you ready?....they will let you pre-order an online download. That's right. Why? It's a copy you load. What's the purpouse of this? Think about that hard before you click that pre-order button!


Support gaming, not the industry of gaming convert to digital downloads and stop pre-ording.