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Mind and Body

AliceWApr 13, 2016, 7:58:44 AM

It can be very hard to decide -all by ourselves, what is going to remain in our Life. There are glass, rocks and particles; splendor and tears, and smiles and the pain,  but only in a natural way it becomes a whole, worth mentioning. In Light is salvation. In eternal Love, which will create and keep secrets of our existence, even in the times after us.

Life is short period, but we can always make it an eternal. Too much time we're spending in waiting for something- we need someone to really live that happy moments, why we shouldn't do it right now?  Every morning that shines on us is a blessing from above, from God, from whatever you believe! Every meal we eat, every drop of water- all that wellbeings we forget living this Life... Imagine, no chains pulling you back, or no manipulation with you... Ah, what a blessing! Looking at yourself and others with beautiful eyes...  Truth, those eyes may cried a lot, but we need to cross many roads to see the World with open eyes. We need to lose a lot, to get a lot. I never forget my blessings - everything I didn't get- for everything I've got and much more...

It isn't truth that Life is mother to someone and to someone is a stepmother! Nature is our Mother- how much we give that much we get. And also, how much is given equally much can be taken... I always open my eyes in gratitude on what I have got, especially on what I haven't- I let others to seek for reasons- ours is to sail carefree through our Universe ...

That Universe must be sorted- we made it. It's hard work, but always keep in your mind who you are and why you are...  You'll never go wrong if you hide in safest place- Self- from the storm, but don't forget to clean that shelter from your storms. .. Let them go and play, we have come for peace, which we kept only for ourselves! Allow your imagination run wild and dance to your music ...

Stay positive!