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GAMERClan Community

GamingApr 12, 2016, 7:36:22 PM




Welcome to GAMERClan

                                                                     A Friendly Gaming Community

@GAMERClan helps maintain and manage gaming clans & community's @Minds!

About Us:

GAMERClan is a friendly and fun based community for gamers. We provide members of our community with support, including finding clans & members for multiplayer games, and more. You can post and watch gaming videos, view current gaming news, create clan member areas, and more!

GamerClan Community runs off @Minds a new friendly upcoming social media site that puts users first! This site is in beta mode put is amazing and always adding features and updates recommended by the community.

@GAMERClan Is A fun based community that tries to look passed skill and focus on the great person I’m sure you are. GAMER has no base game, so we invite you to start a GAMER group on your favorite online multiplayer game, clan or community!

How Community Leaders Help

As a leader in the community, your first mission is to explain the community to new members.  The best way of explaining the community is, "It's a fun based community that is built on friendship, personality, and skill". The first thing to explain to members is that we are not game based. This means that we strive to have a "GAMERClan" in as many groups,clans, community, games as we can. Being able to play with new Minds  on different games that have been known to be friendly. This platform is not new to communities and many have failed.

This is how it works:

1. Gain new members for the community and your groups by reminding and boosting posts from community groups. This helps your clan/community grow! (Reminds appear on your feed)

2. Respect members of the Minds community! Everyone likes trying out games, please invite minds you like to your community or clan remember that almost every gamer is in a clan or community already only by sharing resources and members, posts, videos, links can the gaming community thrive!

Points GamerClan gives out points to active members inside the community! Please use our bitcoin page to keep this active. If you don't have a bitcoin copy and paste our address.    

                    We Follow Mindsonline.club for current prizes and commuinty rules.

Email & Webites: GamerClan can provided mindsonline.club forwarding address, and emails as well as gamerclan.club for free to active community leaders (anyone can be a leader this is how you act not an application) You can always forward just use your mind.com/name. This service will be taken down at any point in time without notice and is null and void if Minds at any point offers email.


#MindsGaming #GamerClan

*You have found a MindsGaming EGG as this layout formed the #MindsGaming Community and is fully intergrated @MindsGaming and the community website mindsonline.club


"MindsGaming is gaming on Minds, do you play?"